TRAVEL MONEY by Jonathan Brown


TRAVEL MONEY by Jonathan Brown, A Grifter’s Song, Season Three Episode 15 (March 2021)

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What is travel money exactly? It’s that little bit of cash to get you to the next gig. In the case of Sam and Rachel it’s the expense money to get them from one con to the next. But you can’t live on travel money. Certainly not Sam and Rachel. In the story Travel Money, the cash serves to get our two favorite cons from the small con to the big one.

Once they find their mark, they’ll be sitting pretty on the beach of their choice—and for a good long while. The score is not only big, the stolen item itself is huge. Our cons will be looking at more than a few dollars north of a million.

Roping the mark will be no easy feat. Especially one as savvy as Francisco Glanis. Add to this, it appears as though a blast from the grifter’s past in the form of a hitter for the Philly mob has located Sam and Rachel. However, if the score goes down as planned in the quaint little affluent town of Buckeye, California, the relentless grifters will have toes in sand, cocktails in hands and won’t have to concern themselves with travel money…for a long time.

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