THE BIG CRESCENDO by Jonathan Brown

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THE BIG CRESCENDO by Jonathan Brown (November 2019)

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Lou Crasher is a black Canadian rock drummer chasing the rock-star dream in present-day Los Angeles. He works at the L.A. Practice Joint, a rehearsal space for musicians. When Angela, the most beautiful African American woman he’s ever seen walks into the office Lou tumbles hard for her.

Her band ends up booking time and as the days go by Lou does his best to impress Angela…but it’s going as smoothly as lumpy oatmeal. It gets worse when the “Joint” gets burglarized and Angela’s band gets their musical equipment stolen. Lou jumps on the opportunity because he figures the equation is simple: ya get the gear—ya get the girl!

Using his music contacts Lou pounds the pavement and winds up uncovering a dangerous gear-theft ring. But discovering them is not enough. Lou goes undercover and joins a band who’s frontman may not only be part of the ring he may be the top dog. While knee deep in the case Lou is tapped by Rex Spivey, a celebrity coke-snorting music producer famed for creating pop stars, to find his precious colonial era snare drum believed to be owned at one time by famous social reformer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Although not an actual P.I. Lou can’t say no to Spivey when he sees how many zeros are on the check. Lou’s two cases become deeply entangled and the danger factor heats to the boiling point.

If Lou manages to duck flying bullets, navigate through seductive double-talking dames and avoids the wrath of drug dealers he might not only recover all of the property but he may win Angela’s heart. But is Angela even really who she says she is?


“Jonathan Brown hits it out of the park with this debut novel, featuring Lou Crasher, a smart, funny, hard-working drummer with a flair for detective work. The snappy dialog, memorably realistic Los Angeles setting and quirky, compelling cast of supporting characters add to the fun. Can’t wait for the encore.” —Anne Hillerman, New York Times bestselling author of the Bernadette Manuelito mystery series.

“Music fans, this is your book! In Lou Crasher, a journeyman drummer turned accidental P.I., Jonathan Brown has created a complex character set on a collision course with a cast of dangerous characters in and around L.A.’s music scene. With the pace of a blast beat, Crasher rumbles with a music theft ring, seedy drug dealers, and select members of L.A.’s elite, all while falling for a beautiful woman he is determined to help. Twist after twist, a breakneck pace, and the quick wit of Lou Crasher will have you turning the pages into the night. A wonderful debut.” —Shawn Reilly Simmons, author of the Red Carpet Catering mysteries

The Big Crescendo is a sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll mystery, played out at a breakneck 180 beats per minute. Amateur PI Lou Crasher does his hero Jim Rockford proud in this slam-bang, action-packed thriller.” —Paul D. Marks, Shamus Award-winning author of White Heat

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1 review for THE BIG CRESCENDO by Jonathan Brown

  1. Sabine

    A must read! Lots of action, complex characters and great snazzy dialog. Looking forward for the next series.

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