PRIVATE DICKS AND DISCO BALLS edited by Michael Bracken


PRIVATE DICKS AND DISCO BALLS edited by Michael Bracken, Private Eyes in the Dyn-O-Mite Seventies (May 2024)

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The Sixties were a time of great cultural upheaval, and that upheaval continued into the 1970s. In the midst of all this, private eyes worked with clients across the generations, from those still clinging to the social mores of Nixon’s “silent majority” to those who embraced the rapid societal changes that began in the 1960s.

From old-school private eyes to the Baby Boomers coming of age and entering the trade, these private eyes will take readers on a funky frolic through the Dyn-O-Mite Seventies.

Contributors include Ann Aptaker, N.M. Cedeño, Bill Fitzhugh, James A. Hearn, Laura Oles, Alan Orloff, Gary Phillips, Neil S. Plakcy, William Dylan Powell, Stephen D. Rogers, Mark Thielman, Bev Vincent, and Andrew Welsh-Huggins.

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