BURRITOS & BULLETS by Eric Beetner


PRE-ORDER NOW! Available 07/01/2020. BURRITOS & BULLETS by Eric Beetner, Guns + Tacos, Season Two Episode 7 (July 2020)

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This episode is included at a discounted price in a subscription to Guns + Tacos Season 2, which features 6 original episodes plus a subscriber exclusive bonus episode!

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“He knows. And he said he’s gonna kill you.”

Jealous husbands are like that—likely to kill the other man. He needed to protect himself. She told him so. So he bought a gun. A gun he didn’t want. A gun he didn’t even want to touch. But when it came to it, would he be able to use it to save his own life?

He found himself tangled in a web he couldn’t escape and his only hope of freedom is to shoot his way out. The gun weighed heavy in his hand and heavier on his conscience.

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