DEEP RED COVER by Joel W. Barrows


DEEP RED COVER by Joel W. Barrows, A Deep Cover Thriller, 3rd in series (September 2020)

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The body of young Tommy Rutledge is found washed up on the shores of Lake Wappapello, his throat cut. The deceased was known to have ties to the Ozark Militia. There are few clues, and the trail begins to grow cold for Investigator Morgan Kern of the Missouri Highway Patrol.

At the same time, the militia movement is exploding in America, populated by some who simply believe strongly in their Second Amendment rights, but also by those with more nefarious purposes. ATF has become increasingly concerned about these groups and the threat they pose. When an informant tells agents of possible illegal weapons trafficking by the Ozark Militia, Special Agent David Ward is tasked with going undercover to find the truth.

The paths of Kern and Ward will intersect in a way that neither could have imagined.

Deep Red Cover is the third book in the “Deep Cover” series, following Ward’s debut adventure in Deep White Cover and its sequel, Deep Green Cover.

Praise for DEEP RED COVER:

“Deep, dark and authentic. Great characters. Great read.” —Colin Campbell, author of the Jim Grant thrillers

“With Deep Red Cover, Barrows cherry-picks the best aspects from both procedural and thrillers and melds them together for one hell of a ride. Captivating.” —Ryan Sayles, author of Together They Were Crimson

Praise for Joel W. Barrows:

“In the real world, undercover work is a nasty, blood covered place. Barrows gets it right.” —Jay Dobyns, New York Times bestselling author and ATF Special Agent (Ret.), for Deep White Cover

“As good as any Baldacci.” —Roald Tweet, co-host of NPR’s Scribble, for Deep White Cover

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