DEEP BLUE COVER: THE PLEDGED by Joel W. Barrows, A Deep Cover Thriller, 5th in series (October 2023)

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Deputy Jackson Garrett is killed in a hit and run during a routine traffic stop. His death haunts Sheriff Eli Coe.

But the investigation hits a dead end. At the same time, rumors swirl that radical elements have infiltrated the sheriff’s office. Secrecy shrouds their numbers and intent. Not sure that even his own internal affairs detectives are untainted, Coe brings in an outside investigator. ATF Special Agent David Ward goes undercover.

What he discovers will expose a cancer that lurks in American law enforcement and a plot that threatens democracy.

Deep Blue Cover: The Pledged is book #5 in the Deep Cover series.

Critical Acclaim for DEEP BLUE COVER: THE PLEDGED:

“In this fifth installment of Barrows’ thriller series, the timeliness of the story is a plus…the pacing is brisk, the writing is crisp, and the details are often amusing. Ward is a most likable protagonist and the other characters are realistic. Timely and tense; a worthy addition to a thriller series.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Joel Barrows gives us a frighteningly realistic glimpse of how democracy can be undermined and how otherwise honorable people can be sucked in by the lie. The tension never lets up until the end.” —Jim Winter, author of the Holland Bay series

“Deep, dark and authentic. Great characters. Great read.” —Colin Campbell, author of the Jim Grant thrillers

“Iowa district court judge Joel W. Barrows knows about constitutionality, and focuses on such boldly and authentically in this, his latest Deep Cover series novel. Here, ATF Special Agent David Ward has to mingle with local Florida law enforcement and try to stop a dangerous post-January 6th attack brewing in the local sheriff’s department. Riveting, fun, and on the right side of the law.” —G. Miki Hayden, author of Writing the Mystery: A Start to Finish Guide for Both Novice and Professional

“In this fifth installment of the Deep Cover Series Barrows tackles the thorny side of law enforcement. Fast paced and tense, Deep Blue Cover strikes just the right chord.” —Bruce Robert Coffin, award-winning author of the Detective Byron mysteries

“Relentless, heart-pounding suspense starts on page one and never lets up.” —Brian Lutterman, author of The Pen Wilkinson Series

Deep Blue Cover: The Pledged is a brilliant new police procedural. What sets this story apart from others in this genre is the manner in which author Barrows skillfully depicts SA Ward’s subtle, chameleon-like nature as he systematically infiltrates the gang of dirty deputies in his attempt to root out this cancer that threatens our American way of life.” —Patrick H. Moore, author of 27 Days and Setting the Record Straight

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