BURNING MOON by Richard Barre


BURNING MOON, a Wil Hardesty Mystery by Richard Barre — 5th in series (June 2012)

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The California Coast: Off San Miguel Island a fishing boat struggles in the battering-ram seas and blinding rain of a sudden squall…

On the beach near his home, private investigator Wil Hardesty is approached by a Vietnamese fisherman. Vinh Tien is not convinced the disappearance at sea of his only son was the accident it was ruled. His son had fallen in with evil personified: a man who came to America the same time Vinh did, a Vietnamese boat person like himself…

For once at peace with his dead, Wil resists digging up the ghosts of those he fought and bled with in-country. But he is moved by Vinh Tien’s hardship and loss. For Wil, too, has lost a son to the ocean…

What Wil discovers brings him into a shadowy world of Asian gangs—dragons that prey upon their own—contraband of the most insidious sort, corruption that reaches unexpected heights…played out against a background as exotic as the Vietnamese culture, as violent as the code of secrecy and prejudice that veils the truth Wil must find before a ghost-killer finds him.

Praise for BURNING MOON:

“Burning Moon gives off its own unique light—stylish, rich and hopeful. Barre’s latest Hardesty is a worthy successor.” —Don Winslow, author of California Fire and Life

“Another winner from Richard Barre. Burning Moon smolders with intensity. Don’t miss it.” —G.M. Ford, author of Black River

“A new Richard Barre novel is reason to break out the champagne. He is a lyrical prose stylist, as adept at creating flesh-and-blood characters as anyone working with pen and ink, a tale spinner of the highest order. In short, one of the true blue masters of crime fiction.” —Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River

“Barre is one terrific writer. His characters are alive, his settings so well-drawn you’ll swear you’ve been there. And you’ll want to read some of his sentences over and over, just for the sounds of the words.” —SJ Rozan, author of Winter and Night


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