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For Cynthia Cruz, life has been a tough ride since her father was murdered in jail. But every day she gets up, thinks about her father, tries to connect with her equally devastated mother, and goes to work at the taco truck. Yet when a man shows up with a picture of her and her father, a picture he got from her father while they jailed together, everything changes. He knows just enough to send Cynthia on a quest to find the man responsible for her father being sent to jail. To her, that man is just a guilty as the random inmate who killed her father in a case of wrong man wrong place wrong time. The man who lied at the request of the cops, who insured her father would be arrested, is the wellspring from which everything bad came.

Except, as she learns after trolling through betting joints, tattoo bars, and finally a porn shop, there might well be someone worse than the man who lied about her father.

And there might be, for Cynthia Cruz, a gun from the taco truck and a moment that is both revenge and reckoning.

Also included at the end of this episode is a bonus story by Trey R. Barker, One Taco Truck…To Go.

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