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Check out what some of the Down & Out Books Publishing Family authors have been up to lately!

From our February 2019 Newsletter …

Gray Basnight spoke with Mindy Cronk of WVIA about his new political thriller FLIGHT OF THE FOX.

Eric Beetner was a featured author at The Big Thrill talking about his new thriller ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Eric, who co-hosts Writer Types with S.W. Lauden, was also a guest of the show answering 21 questions about his work.

Colin Campbell announced that he had signed a deal to publish new editions of his Jim Grant Thrillers with Down & Out Books.

Eric Campbell, publisher of Down & Out Books, was a featured guest of Damien Seaman, where they discussed the publishing business.

Angel Luis Colón stopped by Wrong Place, Write Crime to talk with Frank Zafiro about his crime novel HELL CHOSE ME.

Les Edgerton was a featured guest on Booked talking about his new memoir ADRENALINE JUNKIE.

Les later talked with Authors on the Air to talk about his writing, the realities of his previous work as a cop and US Secret Service Special Agent, and how Agatha Christie ruined the crime genre for all of us.

Shotgun Honey featured a new Bishop Rider story by Beau Johnson on the Flash Fiction section of its website.

Dana King was the guest blogger on Do Some Damage: An Inside Look at Crime Fiction where he talked about his new Penns River crime novel TEN-SEVEN.

He was also interviewed by Mysteristas where he answered a few questions about his book.

Off the Cuff with Dietrich Kalteis welcomed Nick Kolakowski, where they discussed his most recent noir novel BOISE LONGPIG HUNTING CLUB.

Larry Maddox was over at SleuthSayers with a column titled “Stop Meddling in My Genre”.

• Nick Kolakowski welcomed Tess Makovesky to Authors on the Air, where they talked about her new crime caper GRAVY TRAIN.

Tess later stopped by Col’s Criminal Library where they talked about her new book.

• Frank Zafiro welcomed graphic artist Zach McCain to an Open & Shut episode of Wrong Place, Write Crime.

Story and Grit: Southern Fried Crime welcomed Tom Pitts to Six Stabs with Jesse Rawlins, talking about his new crime thriller 101.

• All Due Respect publisher Chris Rhatigan spoke with Damien Seaman about the current state of the publishing business.

J.D. Rhoades was a guest of Frank Zafiro on an Open & Shut episode of Wrong Place, Write Crime, where they talked about his work, including the second episode of A Grifter’s Song, PEOPLE LIKE US.

Steven Max Russo sat down with Always Trust in Books to talk about his new crime novel THIEVES.

• Linda K. Sienkiewicz welcomed Charles Salzberg to What, Why, How, where he answers the what, why, and how of his writing.

Chris Rice Cooper later invited Charles to his site, where they talked about his writing, with a focus on his most recent crime novel SECOND STORY MAN.

Frank Zafiro took a closer look at the first line of his upcoming crime thriller CHARLIE-316 co-written with Colin Conway his blog.

From our January 2019 Newsletter …

J.L. Abramo talked about his current reading list and why these titles are important to him for Toe Six Press. His latest novel is AMERICAN HISTORY, a crime saga that spans two continents and 100 years.

He was also a guest blogger on Mystery Fanfare with a post titled “Noir or Not”.

Joe was also the featured guest on Art Taylor’s The First Two Pages talking about AMERICAN HISTORY.

Gray Basnight was the guest blogger on Literary North with a post titled “Books Brought Us Back Together in Vermont, 40 Years After Pursuing Theatre in DC and NYC”. Gray’s latest thriller is FLIGHT OF THE FOX.

Eric Beetner visited with Reviewing the Evidence, answering a diverse set of questions in 60 seconds or less. His latest thriller is ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Math Bird, author of the new novel WELCOME TO HOLYHELL, was interviewed by David Healey, in a feature on ITW’s The Big Thrill.

Michael Bracken, who is editing a new anthology to be published later this year, wrote that “The Obstacle Ahead is a Mirror” on SleuthSayers.

• Will Viharo talks with Jen Conley about her work and the future of fiction on Digital Media Ghost. Jen has a new YA novel coming out later this Spring from Down & Out Books.

Les Edgerton, author of the new memoir ADRENALINE JUNKIE, stopped by and chatted with Damien Seaman to talk about his work.

He was also a guest blogger on Elizabeth A. White’s website expanding on “What We Say Ain’t Always What We Mean”.

Les also wrote about “A True Thanksgiving Miracle” on his own blog.

Jay A. Gertzman stopped by In Reference to Murder to talk about writing and researching his new book PULP ACCORDING TO DAVID GOODIS.

• Frank Zafiro talked with M. Todd Henderson about his new book MENTAL STATE on an Open & Shut episode of Wrong Place, Write Crime.

J.J. Hensley, author of the Trevor Galloway thriller series, discussed the books on his TBR stack and authors he’s looking to reading more from, for Toe Six Press.

He also stopped by Kevin Tipple’s Corner to talk about the books he’s read, is reading, and wants to read.

Jeffery Hess was a featured author at the Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading talking about his new crime novel TUSHHOG.

Beau Johnson was Center Stage with Mick Rose, who talked about the author and his short stories. Beau’s most recent collection is THE BIG MACHINE EATS.

Beau was later put through the wringer in an extended interview by Ink-Quisitions on Story and Grit: Southern Fried Crime.

Crime Reads has their selection of the 10 Best Crime Anthologies of 2018 and first on their list is DIRTY BOULEVARD: CRIME FICTION INSPIRED BY THE SONGS OF LOU REED, edited by David James Keaton!

• Nick Kolakowski welcomed Dana King to Noir on the Radio, where they talked about his new Penns River crime novel TEN-SEVEN.

Arthur Klepchukov shared the journey of his short story “A Damn Fine Town”, from concept to publication in Down & Out: The Magazine Issue 4, on Arsenal of Words.

BOLO Books revealed its Top Book Covers of 2018, and topping the list was BOISE LONGPIG HUNTING CLUB by Nick Kolakowski!

Tom Leins was a guest blogger on Tess Makovesky’s website with a feature about the setting of his latest collection of stories, REPETITION KILLS YOU.

Tess Makovesky was interviewed by Matt Phillips for, where they talked about her new book GRAVY TRAIN.

Separately, she also told Punk Noir Magazine the backstory to her new story “Rabbit Stew”, which appears in the anthology SKIN & BONES.

Tess later talked about the setting for her new crime caper on her blog.

The very busy author was in The Interrogation Room with Tom Leins talking about her new book.

Tess was interviewed by Tim O’Mara for ITW’s The Big Thrill.

And finally, Tess interviews herself(!!) in a post on Nigel Bird’s blog.

Paul D. Marks muses on “To Read or Not To Read: Reviews of Your Books” for SleuthSayers. Paul’s latest book is the second Duke Rogers P.I. thriller BROKEN WINDOWS.

Paul D. Marks is the featured guest on KVEC News Talk Radio talking about his work, including his latest mystery thriller BROKEN WINDOWS.

Rick Ollerman stopped by Do Some Damage: An Inside Look at Crime Fiction to talk about editing the anthology BLOOD WORK, dedicated to the life and memory of Once Upon a Crime Bookstore owner Gary Shulze.

Sons of Spade awards its Best New PI award to Marcus A. Pelegrimas, whose PI Marker was introduced in Blind Eye. Congratulations Marcus!

Tom Pitts was interviewed by Frank Reardon for Bull Men’s Fiction, talking about his new crime thriller 101.

He later stopped by Steph Post’s Book Bites to answer a few questions about his work.

Dana King of One Bite at a Time later interviewed Tom, where they talked about his new book.

He later spoke to Matt Phillips on Vital Crime Fiction, where he talked about how he crafts his novels.

• In ITW’s Debut Author Spotlight, Steven Max Russo, author of THIEVES, talked with Charles Salzberg about his new book.

He was also one of three debut crime writers interviewed by Elena Hartwell. See what all he had to say about his path to publication.

Charles Salzberg was a guest on WCBS Author Talks, talking about his latest novel SECOND STORY MAN and his Henry Swann mystery series.

And a big congratulations to Charles for winning the 7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Award for Crime Fiction for SECOND STORY MAN!

Scott Loring Sanders, author of SURVIVING JERSEY: DANGER AND INSANITY IN THE GARDEN STATE, speaks with Lesley Unversity Director of Communications John Sullivan about murder and mayhem in his home state.

Ryan Sayles was interviewed by Will Viharo on Digital Media Ghost, where they talked about his work. Ryan is editing a new anthology that is scheduled to be published later this year by Down & Out Books.

Jim Wilsky joined Frank Zafiro on an Open and Shut episode of Wrong Place, Write Crime, and talks about their collaborative work on the Ania Series

Frank Zafiro talked about the first line of the Ania series prequel he co-wrote with Jim Wilsky, HARBINGER, on his blog.

Frank was also interviewed with Jim by P. J. Bodnark for The Big Thrill, where they talked about their series.

• Shamus and Thriller Award winner Vincent Zandri announced that he has signed a new book deal with Down & Out Books!