A List of Authors Published by Down & Out Books …

Patricia Abbott

Monkey Justice and Other Stories by Patricia AbbottHome Invasion by Patricia Abbott

J.L. Abramo

Catching Water in a Net by J.L. AbramoClutching at Straws by J.L. AbramoCounting To Infinity by J.L. AbramoGravesend by J.L. AbramoChasing Charlie Chan by J.L. AbramoCircling the Runway by J.L. AbramoBrooklyn Justice by J.L. AbramoConey Island Avenue by J.L. AbramoAmerican History by J.L. AbramoCrossing the Chicken by J.L. Abramo

Hector Acosta

Hardway by Hector Acosta

Roger Angle

The Disappearance of Maggie Collins by Roger Angle


Hard Bite by Anonymous-9Bite Harder by Anonymous-9

Ann Aptaker

A Taco, a T-Bird, a Beretta and One Furious Night by Ann Aptaker

Jonathan Ashley

Out of Mercy by Jonathan AshleyThe Cost of Doing Business by Jonathan AshleySouth of Cincinnati by Jonathan Ashley

E.A. Aymar

The Unrepentant by E.A. Aymar

E.A. Aymar, editor

The Night of the Flood by E.A. Aymar, editorThe Swamp Killers by E.A. Aymar, editor

Patrick Shawn Bagley

Bitter Water Blues by Patrick Shawn Bagley

Trey R. Barker

2000 Miles To Open Road by Trey R. BarkerRoad Gig: A Novella by Trey R. BarkerExit Blood by Trey R. BarkerDeath Is Not Forever by Trey R. BarkerNo Harder Prison by Trey R. BarkerWhen the Lonesome Dog Barks by Trey R. BarkerThree Chalupas, Rice, Soda…and a Kimber .45 by Trey R. BarkerThe Unknowing by Trey R. BarkerJalapeño Poppers and a Flare Gun by Trey R. Barker

Trey R. Barker, editor

Guns + Tacos Vol. 1 by Trey R. Barker, editorGuns + Tacos Vol. 2 by Trey R. Barker, editor

Rusty Barnes

Ridgerunner by Rusty BarnesKnuckledragger by Rusty BarnesKraj the Enforcer: Stories by Rusty Barnes

Richard Barre

The Innocents by Richard BarreBearing Secrets by Richard BarreChristmas Stories: The Complete Collection by Richard BarreThe Ghosts of Morning by Richard BarreBlackheart Highway by Richard BarreBurning Moon by Richard BarreEcho Bay by Richard BarreLost by Richard Barre

Joel W. Barrows

Deep White Cover by Joel W. BarrowsDeep Green Cover by Joel W. BarrowsDeep Red Cover by Joel W. Barrows

Greg Barth

Selena by Greg BarthDiesel Therapy by Greg BarthSuicide Lounge by Greg BarthRoad Carnage by Greg BarthEverglade by Greg Barth

Gray Basnight

Flight of the Fox by Gray Basnight

Jon Bassoff

Corrosion by Jon BassoffFactory Town by Jon BassoffThe Disassembled Man by Jon BassoffThe Incurables by Jon BassoffThe Blade This Time by Jon BassoffThe Lantern Man by Jon Bassoff

Eric Beetner

Over Their Heads by Eric BeetnerRumrunners by Eric BeetnerLeadfoot by Eric BeetnerThe Backlist by Eric BeetnerThe Short List by Eric BeetnerThe Getaway List by Eric BeetnerCriminal Economics by Eric BeetnerNine Toes in the Grave by Eric BeetnerThe Devil Doesn't Want Me by Eric BeetnerWhen the Devil Comes to Call by Eric BeetnerThe Devil at Your Door by Eric BeetnerAll the Way Down by Eric BeetnerDark Duet by Eric BeetnerThe Sound of Breaking Bones by Eric BeetnerBurritos & Bullets by Eric Beetner

Eric Beetner, editor

Unloaded: Crime Writers Writing Without Guns by Eric Beetner, editorUnloaded 2: More Crime Writers Writing Without Guns by Eric Beetner, editor

Phil Beloin Jr.

Revenge is a Redhead by Phil Beloin Jr.

Math Bird

Histories of the Dead and Other Stories by Math BirdWelcome to HolyHell by Math Bird

Nigel Bird

In Loco Parentis by Nigel BirdSmoke by Nigel BirdLet It Snow by Nigel Bird

Tony Black

Paying For It by Tony BlackGutted by Tony BlackLoss by Tony Black

Martin Bodenham

Shakedown by Martin BodenhamThe Geneva Connection by Martin BodenhamOnce a Killer by Martin BodenhamCrime and Justice by Martin Bodenham

Bouchercon Anthologies

Murder at the Beach (Bouchercon 2014) by Dana Cameron, editorMurder Under the Oaks (Bouchercon 2015) by Art Taylor, editorBlood on the Bayou (Bouchercon 2016) by Greg Herren, editorPassport to Murder by John McFetridge, editorDenim Diamonds and Death by Rick Ollerman, editor

Michael Bracken

Three Brisket Tacos by Michael BrackenJalapeño Poppers and a Flare Gun by Michael Bracken

Michael Bracken, editor

The Eyes of Texas by Michael Bracken, editorGuns + Tacos Vol. 1 by Michael Bracken, editorGuns + Tacos Vol. 2 by Michael Bracken, editor

Lisa Brackmann, editor

Crossing Borders by Lisa Brackmann, editor

Asa Maria Bradley

Upgrade by Asa Maria Bradley

Paul D. Brazill

The Last Laugh: Crime Stories by Paul D. BrazillLast Year's Man by Paul D. BrazillMan of the World by Paul D. Brazill

Gordon Brown

Falling by Gordon BrownFalling Too by Gordon BrownDarkest Thoughts by Gordon BrownFurthest Reaches by Gordon BrownDeepest Wounds by Gordon Brown

Jonathan Brown

The Big Crescendo by Jonathan BrownDon't Shoot the Drummer by Jonathan Brown

Rob Brunet

Stinking Rich by Rob Brunet

Stephen Burdick

Deemer's Inlet by Stephen Burdick

Milton T. Burton

Texas Noir by Milton T. Burton

Colin Campbell

Jamaica Plain by Colin CampbellMontecity Heights by Colin CampbellAdobe Flats by Colin CampbellSnake Pass by Colin CampbellBeacon Hill by Colin CampbellShelter Cove by Colin CampbellCatawba Point by Colin CampbellPermission Granted by Colin Campbell

Sarah M. Chen

Cleaning Up Finn by Sarah M. Chen

Sarah M. Chen, editor

The Night of the Flood by Sarah M. Chen, editorThe Swamp Killers by Sarah M. Chen, editor

Alec Cizak

Down on the Street by Alec CizakManifesto Destination by Alec CizakCrooked Roads: Crime Stories by Alec CizakBreaking Glass by Alec CizakFour Shrimp Tacos and a Walther P38 by Alec Cizak

Aaron Philip Clark

The Science of Paul by Aaron Philip ClarkA Healthy Fear of Man by Aaron Philip ClarkThe Furious Way by Aaron Philip Clark

Joe Clifford

The One That Got Away by Joe CliffordSkunk Train by Joe CliffordOccam's Razor by Joe Clifford

Mark Coggins

No Hard Feelings by Mark CogginsThe Dead Beat Scroll by Mark Coggins

Angel Luis Colón

No Happy Endings by Angel Luis ColónThe Fury of Black Jaguar by Angel Luis ColónBlacky Jaguar Against the Cool Clux Cult by Angel Luis ColónMeat City on Fire and Other Assorted Debacles by Angel Luis ColónPull & Pray by Angel Luis ColónHell Chose Me by Angel Luis Colón

Angel Luis Colón, editor

¡Pa’Que Tu Lo Sepas! by Angel Luis Colón, editor

Jen Conley

Cannibals: Stories from the Edge of the Pine Barrens by Jen ConleySeven Ways to Get Rid of Harry by Jen Conley

Colin Conway

Some Degree of Murder by Colin ConwayLost in Middle America by Colin ConwayCharlie-316 by Colin ConwayNever the Crime by Colin ConwayBadge Heavy by Colin Conway

Shawn Corridan

Gitmo by Shawn CorridanSplinter City by Shawn Corridan

Matt Coyle, editor

Crossing Borders by Matt Coyle, editor

Marie S. Crosswell

Texas, Hold Your Queens by Marie S. Crosswell

Tom Crowley

Viper's Tail by Tom CrowleyMurder in the Slaughterhouse by Tom CrowleyShrapnel Wounds by Tom Crowley

Brandon Daily

A Murder Country by Brandon Daily

Andrew Davie

Pavement by Andrew Davie

Frank De Blase

Pine Box for a Pin-Up by Frank De BlaseBusted Valentines and Other Dark Delights by Frank De BlaseA Cougar's Kiss by Frank De Blase

DeLeon DeMicoli

Les Cannibales by DeLeon DeMicoli

CS DeWildt

Suburban Dick by CS DeWildt

Pablo D’Stair

Man Standing Behind by Pablo D'Stairthis letter to Norman Court by Pablo D'StairMister Trot from Tin Street by Pablo D'StairHelen Topaz, Henry Dollar by Pablo D'StairThe Akerman Motel/Apartments per week by Pablo D'Stair

Hector Duarte, Jr.

Desperate Times Call: Stories by Hector Duarte, Jr.

Les Edgerton

The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping by Les EdgertonLagniappe by Les EdgertonJust Like That by Les EdgertonMonday's Meal by Les EdgertonAdrenaline Junkie by Les EdgertonMirror, Mirror by Les Edgerton

Warren C. Embree

The Ornery Gene by Warren C. Embree

Scott Eubanks

Still Life with Suitcase by Scott Eubanks

Max Everhart

Go Go Gato by Max EverhartSplit to Splinters by Max EverhartEd, Not Eddie by Max Everhart

A. C. Frieden

Tranquility Denied by A. C. FriedenThe Serpent's Game by A. C. Frieden

Jay A. Gertzman

Pulp According to David Goodis by Jay A. Gertzman

Jack Getze

Big Numbers by Jack GetzeBig Money by Jack GetzeBig Mojo by Jack GetzeBig Shoes by Jack GetzeThe Black Kachina by Jack Getze

Greg F. Gifune

Dangerous Boys by Greg F. GifuneSaying Uncle by Greg F. GifuneNight Work by Greg F. GifuneDrago Descending by Greg F. Gifune

Keith Gilman

Bad Habits by Keith Gilman

Richard Godwin

Wrong Crowd by Richard GodwinBuffalo and Sour Mash by Richard GodwinCrystal on Electric Acetate by Richard Godwin

Lee Matthew Goldberg

Slow Down by Lee Matthew GoldbergThe Ancestor by Lee Matthew Goldberg

J.D. Graves, editor

EconoClash Review #5 by J.D. Graves, editorEconoClash Review #6 by J.D. Graves, editor

Paul Greenberg

Dead Guy in the Bathtub: Stories by Paul Greenberg

William Hastings

Stray Dogs: Writing from the Other America by William Hastings

James A. Hearn

A Beretta, Burritos, and Bears by James A. Hearn

Paul Heatley

Fatboy by Paul HeatleyGuillotine by Paul HeatleyCutthroat by Paul Heatley

Nick Heeb

The Lucky Clover by Nick Heeb

M. Todd Henderson

Mental State by M. Todd Henderson

J.J. Hensley

Bolt Action Remedy by J.J. HensleyRecord Scratch by J.J. HensleyForgiveness Dies by J.J. HensleyThe Better of the Bad by J.J. Hensley

Jeffery Hess

Beachhead by Jeffery HessCold War Canoe Club: Stories by Jeffery HessTushhog by Jeffery HessNo Salvation by Jeffery Hess

Matt Hilton

No Going Back by Matt HiltonRules of Honor by Matt HiltonThe Lawless Kind by Matt HiltonThe Devil's Anvil by Matt HiltonNo Safe Place by Matt Hilton

Jake Hinkson

The Deepening Shade by Jake Hinkson

Terry Holland

An Ice Cold Paradise by Terry HollandChicago Shiver by Terry Holland

Richard Hood

Regret the Dark Hour by Richard HoodCarolina Blood by Richard Hood

David Housewright

The Devil and the Diva by David HousewrightFinders Keepers (YA Suspense) by David HousewrightFull House by David HousewrightA Hard Ticket Home by David HousewrightTin City by David HousewrightPretty Girl Gone by David HousewrightDead Boyfriends by David HousewrightMadman on a Drum by David HousewrightJelly's Gold by David HousewrightThe Taking of Libbie, SD by David HousewrightHighway 61 by David HousewrightCurse of the Jade Lily by David HousewrightThe Last Kind Word by David HousewrightThe Devil May Care by David HousewrightUnidentified Woman #15 by David HousewrightStealing the Countess by David Housewright

Geoff Hyatt

Follow You Down by Geoff Hyatt

Christopher Irvin

Federales by Christopher Irvin

Steven Jankowski

Below the Line by Steven Jankowski

Grant Jerkins

Abnormal Man by Grant JerkinsA Scholar of Pain by Grant Jerkins

Beau Johnson

A Better Kind of Hate by Beau JohnsonThe Big Machine Eats by Beau JohnsonAll of Them to Burn by Beau Johnson

Jon Jordan

Interrogations by Jon JordanUn-Decking the Halls by Jon Jordan

Jon and Ruth Jordan

Murder & Mayhem in Muskego by Jon and Ruth JordanCooking with Crimespree by Jon and Ruth Jordan

Dana C. Kabel, editor

Skin & Bones by Dana C. Kabel, editor

A.X. Kalinchuk

It's Not My Cult! by A.X. Kalinchuk

David James Keaton, editor

Dirty Boulevard: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Lou Reed by David James Keaton, editor

Lawrence Kelter

The Last Collar by Lawrence KelterBack to Brooklyn by Lawrence KelterMy Cousin Vinny by Lawrence KelterThe Whale by Lawrence KelterEncrypting Maya by Lawrence KelterWing and a Prayer by Lawrence Kelter

Lawrence Kelter, editor

The Black Car Business Volume 1 by Lawrence Kelter, editorThe Black Car Business Volume 2 by Lawrence Kelter, editor

Jerry Kennealy

Screen Test by Jerry KennealyPolo's Long Shot by Jerry KennealyDirty Who? by Jerry KennealySilent Remains by Jerry KennealyI'm Dying As Fast As I Can by Jerry Kennealy

Dana King

Worst Enemies by Dana KingGrind Joint by Dana KingResurrection Mall by Dana KingBad Samaritan by Dana KingTen-Seven by Dana KingPushing Water by Dana King

Ross Klavan

Triple Shot by Ross KlavanThree Strikes by Ross KlavanThird Degree by Ross Klavan

JB Kohl

Over Their Heads by JB Kohl

Nick Kolakowski

A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps by Nick KolakowskiSlaughterhouse Blues by Nick KolakowskiMain Bad Guy by Nick KolakowskiBoise Longpig Hunting Club by Nick KolakowskiMaxine Unleashes Doomsday by Nick KolakowskiRattlesnake Rodeo by Nick Kolakowski

Nik Korpon

Old Ghosts by Nik KorponWear Your Home Like a Scar by Nik Korpon

Ed Kurtz

Nothing You Can Do by Ed Kurtz

Preston Lang

The Sin Tax by Preston LangSunk Costs by Preston LangThe Carrier by Preston LangLoad by Preston LangPrice Hike by Preston Lang

S.W. Lauden

Crosswise by S.W. LaudenCrossed Bones by S.W. Lauden

Tom Leins

Repetition Kills You by Tom LeinsThe Good Book by Tom Leins

R. Daniel Lester

Dead Clown Blues by R. Daniel Lester40 Nickels by R. Daniel Lester

Allan Leverone

Chasing China White by Allan Leverone

Lawrence Maddox

Fast Bang Booze by Lawrence Maddox

Tess Makovesky

Gravy Train by Tess Makovesky

Dan and Kate Malmon, editors

Killing Malmon by Dan and Kate Malmon, editorsRevenge of the Widow Malmon by Dan and Kate Malmon, editors

Paul D. Marks

White Heat by Paul D. MarksBroken Windows by Paul D. MarksThe Blues Don't Care by Paul D. Marks

Paul D. Marks, editor

Andrew McAleer, editor

Coast To Coast: Murder from Sea to Shining Sea by Paul D. Marks, editorCoast To Coast: Murder from Sea to Shining Sea by Andrew McAleer, editorCoast To Coast: Private Eyes from Sea to Shining Sea by Paul D. Marks, editorCoast To Coast: Private Eyes from Sea to Shining Sea by Andrew McAleer, editorCoast To Coast: Noir by Paul D. Marks, editorCoast To Coast: Noir by Andrew McAleer, editor

Terrence P. McCauley

The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood by Terrence P. McCauley

Craig McDonald

Once a World by Craig McDonald

Chris McGinley

Coal Black: Stories by Chris McGinley

Daniel M. Mendoza, editor

Stray Dogs: Interviews with Working Class Writers by Daniel M. Mendoza, editor

Marietta Miles

Route 12 by Marietta MilesMay by Marietta MilesAfter the Storm by Marietta Miles

Mike Miner

Prodigal Sons by Mike MinerHurt Hawks by Mike MinerThe Hurt Business: Stories by Mike MinerTrue Dark by Mike Miner

Bill Moody

Czechmate: The Spy Who Played Jazz by Bill MoodyThe Man in Red Square by Bill MoodySolo Hand by Bill MoodyThe Death of a Tenor Man by Bill MoodyThe Sound of the Trumpet by Bill MoodyBird Lives! by Bill MoodyMood Swings by Bill Moody

Warren Moore

Broken Glass Waltzes by Warren Moore

Richie Narvaez

Hipster Death Rattle by Richie NarvaezNoiryorican by Richie Narvaez

Andrew Nette

Gunshine State by Andrew Nette

Gerald M. O’Connor

The Origins of Benjamin Hackett by Gerald M. O'Connor

Rick Ollerman

Blood Work by Rick Ollerman

Tim O’Mara

Triple Shot by Tim O'MaraThree Strikes by Tim O'MaraThird Degree by Tim O'Mara

Tim O’Mara, Editor

Down to the River by Tim O'Mara, Editor

Chris Orlet

A Taste of Shotgun by Chris Orlet

Alan Orloff

I Know Where You Sleep by Alan Orloff

Chantelle Aimée Osman, editor

Mystery!: The Origins Game Fair 2018 Anthology by Chantelle Aimée Osman, editor

Jason Parent

White Trash and Dirty Dingoes by Jason Parent

Marcus Pelegrimas

Blind Eye by Marcus Pelegrimas

Gary Phillips

The Perpetrators by Gary PhillipsTreacherous: Grifters, Ruffians and Killers by Gary Phillips3 the Hard Way by Gary PhillipsThe Movie Makers by Gary PhillipsTacos de Cazuela con Smith & Wesson by Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips, editor

Scoundrels: Tales of Greed, Murder and Financial Crimes (editor) by Gary Phillips, editor

Matt Phillips

Three Kinds of Fool by Matt PhillipsAccidental Outlaws by Matt PhillipsThe Bad Kind of Lucky by Matt PhillipsCountdown by Matt Phillips

Ron Earl Phillips, editor

Deadlines: A Tribute to William E. Wallace by Ron Earl Phillips, editorShotgun Honey Presents Vol. 4: RECOIL by Ron Earl Phillips, editor

Rob Pierce

Uncle Dust by Rob PierceVern in the Heat by Rob PierceThe Things I Love Will Kill Me Yet: Stories by Rob PierceWith the Right Enemies by Rob PierceTommy Shakes by Rob PierceBlood by Choice by Rob Pierce

Kate Pilarcik

The Damp Fedora by Kate Pilarcik

Tom Pitts

Knuckleball by Tom PittsHustle by Tom PittsAmerican Static by Tom PittsPiggyback by Tom Pitts101 by Tom PittsColdwater by Tom Pitts

Thomas Pluck

Bad Boy Boogie by Thomas PluckLife During Wartime by Thomas Pluck

Michael Pool

Debt Crusher by Michael PoolTexas Two-Step by Michael PoolRose City by Michael Pool

William Dylan Powell

Some Churros and El Burro by William Dylan Powell

Eryk Pruitt

Gone Dead on You by Eryk Pruitt

Robert J. Randisi

Upon My Soul by Robert J. RandisiSouls of the Dead by Robert J. RandisiEnvy the Dead by Robert J. RandisiThe Brooklyn Trilogy by Robert J. RandisiThe Headstone Detective Agency by Robert J. RandisiHeadstone's Folly by Robert J. Randisi

Chris Rhatigan, editor

Deadlines: A Tribute to William E. Wallace by Chris Rhatigan, editorStrangers in a Strange Land by Chris Rhatigan, editor

J.D. Rhoades

People Like Us by J.D. Rhoades

Joe Ricker

Walkin' After Midnight by Joe RickerSome Awful Cunning by Joe Ricker

Rob Riley

Tales from the Blue Line by Rob Riley

Steven Max Russo

Thieves by Steven Max RussoThe Dead Don't Sleep by Steven Max Russo

Sandra Ruttan

The Spying Moon by Sandra Ruttan

Charles Salzberg

Triple Shot by Charles SalzbergThree Strikes by Charles SalzbergThird Degree by Charles SalzbergDevil in the Hole by Charles SalzbergSwann's Last Song by Charles SalzbergSwann Dives In by Charles SalzbergSwann's Lake of Despair by Charles SalzbergSwann's Way Out by Charles SalzbergSecond Story Man by Charles SalzbergSwann's Down by Charles Salzberg

Scott Loring Sanders

Shooting Creek and Other Stories by Scott Loring SandersSurviving Jersey by Scott Loring Sanders

Linda Sands

3 Women Walk Into A Bar by Linda SandsGrand Theft Cargo by Linda SandsPrecious Cargo by Linda Sands

Ryan Sayles

Goldfinches by Ryan SaylesThe Subtle Art of Brutality by Ryan SaylesWarpath by Ryan SaylesLet Me Put My Stories In You by Ryan SaylesI'm Not Happy Till You're Not Happy by Ryan SaylesAlbatross by Ryan SaylesGreasepaint & 45s by Ryan SaylesTogether They Were Crimson by Ryan SaylesSopa and a Streetsweeper by Ryan Sayles

John Shepphird

The Shill by John ShepphirdKill the Shill by John ShepphirdBeware the Shill by John Shepphird

Max Sheridan

Dillo by Max Sheridan

Nathan Singer

Blackchurch Furnace by Nathan SingerTransorbital by Nathan Singer

Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Presents

LAst Exit To Murder by Sisters in Crime Los Angeles PresentsLAdies Night by Sisters in Crime Los Angeles PresentsLAst Resort by Sisters in Crime Los Angeles PresentsFatally Haunted by Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Presents

Anthony Neil Smith

Psychosomatic by Anthony Neil SmithThe Drummer by Anthony Neil SmithYellow Medicine by Anthony Neil SmithHogdoggin' by Anthony Neil SmithThe Baddest Ass by Anthony Neil SmithHoly Death by Anthony Neil SmithChoke on Your Lies by Anthony Neil SmithWorm by Anthony Neil SmithAll the Young Warriors by Anthony Neil SmithOnce a Warrior by Anthony Neil SmithXXX Shamus by Anthony Neil Smith

Liam Sweeny

Welcome Back, Jack by Liam SweenyStreet Whispers:  Stories by Liam SweenyPresiding Over the Damned by Liam SweenyMiner's Kill by Liam Sweeny

Robert Leland Taylor

Through the Ant Farm by Robert Leland Taylor

Jennifer Lee Thomson

How Kirsty Gets Her Kicks by Jennifer Lee Thomson

Aidan Thorn

Rival Sons by Aidan Thorn

Brian Thornton, editor

Die Behind the Wheel by Brian Thornton, editorA Beast Without a Name by Brian Thornton, editor

Katherine Tomlinson, editor

Strangers in a Strange Land by Katherine Tomlinson, editor

Triangle Sisters in Crime

Carolina Crimes: 20 Tales of Need, Greed and Dirty Deeds by Triangle Sisters in Crime

Mark Troy

Dos Tacos Guatemaltecos y Una Pistola Casera by Mark Troy

Ian Truman

Grand Trunk and Shearer by Ian TrumanDown with the Underdogs by Ian Truman

Albert Tucher

The Place of Refuge by Albert TucherThe Hollow Vessel by Albert TucherThe Honorary Jersey Girl by Albert Tucher

James R. Tuck, editor

Mama Tried by James R. Tuck, editor

Wendy Tyson

A Dark Homage by Wendy Tyson

Renee Valois

The Devil and the Diva by Renee Valois

Daniel Vlasaty

Stay Ugly by Daniel Vlasaty

Gary Waid

Gitmo by Gary WaidSplinter City by Gary WaidDancing Bear by Gary Waid

Lono Waiwaiole

Wiley's Lament by Lono WaiwaioleWiley's Shuffle by Lono WaiwaioleWiley's Refrain by Lono WaiwaioleDark Paradise by Lono WaiwaioleLeon's Legacy by Lono WaiwaioleLizzie's Lullaby by Lono WaiwaioleWhtie Swan by Lono Waiwaiole

William E. Wallace

Face Value by William E. Wallace

Nathan Walpow

The Logan Triad by Nathan WalpowOne Last Hit by Nathan WalpowThe Manipulated by Nathan Walpow

Robert Ward

The Stone Carrier by Robert Ward

Holly West

The Money Block by Holly West

Holly West, editor

Murder-a-Go-Go's by Holly West, editor

George Williams

inferno: stories by George WilliamsZoë by George WilliamsThe Selected Letters of the Late Biagio Serafim Sciarra by George WilliamsThe Last Family by George Williams

Eric Miles Williamson

East Bay Grease by Eric Miles WilliamsonBoning the Muse: Letters to Steve by Eric Miles Williamson

Jim Wilsky

Blood on Blood by Jim WilskyQueen of Diamonds by Jim WilskyClosing the Circle by Jim WilskyHarbinger by Jim WilskySort 'Em Out Later by Jim Wilsky

TG Wolff

Exacting Justice by TG WolffDriving Reign by TG WolffWidow's Run by TG Wolff

Simon Wood

Trouble & Strife by Simon Wood

Frank Zafiro

Blood on Blood by Frank ZafiroQueen of Diamonds by Frank ZafiroClosing the Circle by Frank ZafiroHarbinger by Frank ZafiroThe Backlist by Frank ZafiroThe Short List by Frank ZafiroThe Getaway List by Frank ZafiroThe Last Collar by Frank ZafiroThe Concrete Smile by Frank ZafiroSome Degree of Murder by Frank ZafiroCharlie-316 by Frank ZafiroA Gyro and a Glock by Frank ZafiroAt Their Own Game by Frank ZafiroIn the Cut by Frank ZafiroDown Comes the Night by Frank ZafiroNever the Crime by Frank ZafiroBadge Heavy by Frank Zafiro

Frank Zafiro, editor

A Grifter's Song Vol. 1 by Frank Zafiro, editorA Grifter's Song Vol. 2 by Frank Zafiro, editorA Grifter's Song Vol. 3 by Frank Zafiro, editorA Grifter's Song Vol. 4 by Frank Zafiro, editor