New from Down & Out Books: Run and Gun by Joseph S. Walker

New from Down & Out Books …

Run and Gun by Joseph S. Walker

RUN AND GUN by Joseph S. Walker
Chop Shop Episode 2
Publication Date: February 01, 2024

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Synopsis … Car thieves and the chop shop that buys from them combine to create high-octane stories of hot cars, hot crimes, and hot times in Dallas, Texas.

When Lyle Mulaney steals his first car in “Run and Gun,” he doesn’t know he’s also stealing a blackmail film hotter than a Dallas summer. Now, the disgraced cop is caught between a progressive firebrand eager to take down the powerful and a cold-blooded fixer who will kill to protect them. Mulaney’s a hell of a driver, but can he outrun the man he has no hope of outgunning?