New from Down & Out Books: Prohibition Peepers edited by Michael Bracken

New from Down & Out Books …

Prohibition Peepers edited by Michael Bracken

PROHIBITION PEEPERS edited by Michael Bracken
Private Eyes During the Noble Experiment
Publication Date: September 25, 2023

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Synopsis … The 18th Amendment created prohibition—a “noble experiment” that banned the manufacture, transportation, and sale of intoxicating liquors—and gave rise to criminal activity associated with bootlegging, gang violence, and more. During the 1920s and early 1930s, the police had their hands full, and private investigators were there working both sides of the law.

Prohibition Peepers stories are set during and immediately after the end of Prohibition, with private eyes serving clients of all social statuses. These hardboiled and fast-paced tales written by some of today’s hottest crime fiction short story writers will have you reaching for your own mason jar of moonshine or highball glass of bathtub gin.

Edited by Michael Bracken with stories by Michael Bracken, Susanna Calkins, David Dean, Jim Doherty, John M. Floyd, Nils Gilbertson, Richard Helms, Hugh Lessig, Steve Liskow, Leigh Lundin, Adam Meyer, Penny Mickelbury, Joseph S. Walker, and Stacy Woodson.