New from Down & Out Books: The Greenstick Fracture by Chuck Marten

New from Down & Out Books …

The Greenstick Fracture by Chuck Marten

Publication Date: May 22, 2023

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Synopsis … After a bad breakup, hapless medical student Edwin Greenstick nurses his broken heart with one drink too many, only to wake up with his right hand in a cast, fifteen hundred dollars drained from his bank account, and no memory of the night before. Edwin hits the streets of Manhattan, determined to piece together what happened to his hand and his money, using only his wits and medical acumen. Regrettably, Edwin is lacking in both.

After his initial efforts go awry, Edwin decides to quit playing detective and call it a day. That is, until he meets Annie, a streetwise redhead who makes him forget all about his ex. But Annie’s only interested in her share of the winnings from a bet she claims they placed together the previous evening. Unfortunately, the bookie—a recent witness to a gangland execution—has gone missing and the FBI ties Edwin to his disappearance. What’s more, a trio of wannabe wiseguys accuse Edwin of stealing two hundred grand in mob money. Will Edwin solve the mystery of the missing bookie, stay one step ahead of the mafia, and maybe get the girl in the process? Or will he end up wishing he had just stayed in bed?


“Lean, fun, accessible and fast-paced, The Greenstick Fracture is a delight to read. Witty and carefully considered, Marten takes you on a switchback ride to reclaim Edwin Greenstick’s missing time, money, love life, peace of mind, manhood and favorite flannel shirt. All while navigating a gritty cast of misfits and troublemakers. Hard to not read in one sitting.” —William Dylan Powell, author of Untimely Demise

The Greenstick Fracture is a comical mystery romp that will leave fans of The Hangover and Dude, Where’s My Car? begging for more.” —Joel Shulkin, MD, Amazon #1 bestselling author of Adverse Effects

“Imagine having the Friday night from Hell. Only the mob knows what happened to you. And they’re not happy about it. Neither’s the FBI or a girl with a nose for fixed fights. For those of us who’ve ever woken up to a broken hand and the rent missing from their bank account, Edwin Greenstick is our hero. Not a very good hero, but then that’s the fun part.” —Jim Winter, author of The Dogs of Beaumont Heights and Holland Bay