New from Down & Out Books: Redeeming Trace by Tom Schreck

New from Down & Out Books …

Redeeming Trace by Tom Schreck

Publication Date: May 15, 2023

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Synopsis … Fresh out of graduate school, CIA psychologist, Trace Curran works his dream job providing trauma-based psychotherapy and researching the threat level of Antifa-based organizations. While domestic terror escalates, Trace’s world is rocked, when an agent on his caseload commits a murder-suicide. Then, the death of his father and the split with his fiancé, leave him dealing with a breakdown.

On leave from CIA duties, Trace returns home to bartend at the family’s tavern. The daily duties serve as a reminder of just how much life has unraveled, and he barely keeps the will to go on. The start of a new relationship sheds some light into his existence but the continued escalation of Antifa-related domestic terror keeps Trace connected to the CIA. When he’s called back to debrief, his supervisor’s questions leave him suspicious.

It becomes clear that the terrorism is not what it appears and that someone could be manipulating events, to not only blame Antifa, but to profit from a reeling market. When Trace realizes his fears are justified, the terror turns towards him. Now, he must face his fears and save everything that is important to him—including himself.