New from Down & Out Books: More Groovy Gumshoes edited by Michael Bracken

New from Down & Out Books …

More Groovy Gumshoes edited by Michael Bracken

MORE GROOVY GUMSHOES edited by Michael Bracken
Private Eyes in the Psychedelic Sixties
Publication Date: April 10, 2023

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Synopsis … The Sixties were a time of great cultural upheaval, when long-established social norms were challenged and everything changed: from music to fashion to social mores. And the Leave It to Beaver households in Middle America didn’t know what to make of it all.

In the midst of this, private eyes tried to understand and bridge the generational divide while providing their clients with legal and extra-legal detecting services.

From old-school private eyes with their flat-tops, off-the-rack suits, and well-worn brogues to the new breed of private eyes with their shoulder-length hair, bell-bottoms, and hemp sandals, the shamuses in More Groovy Gumshoes—a follow-up to the far-out original Groovy Gumshoes—take readers on another rollicking romp through the Sixties.

Contributors include: Michael Chandos, Wil A. Emerson, Jeff Esterholm, John M. Floyd, Nils Gilbertson, Wendy Harrison, Dave H. Hendrickson, gay toltl kinman, Lynn Maples, Jarrett Mazza, John McFetridge, Robert Petyo, Graham Powell, Bev Vincent, Joseph S. Walker, and Stacy Woodson.