New from Down & Out Books: Outfoxed by Jeffery Hess

New from Down & Out Books …

Outfoxed by Jeffery Hess

OUTFOXED by Jeffery Hess
A Grifter’s Song Episode 31
Publication Date: April 01, 2023

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Synopsis … With nothing but a suitcase of stolen business attire and a hot credit card for emergencies, Rachel and Sam find themselves in Tampa, where they ferret out a promising mark with hundreds of acres of unadulterated land he is interested in selling.

Sam convinces the man he’s in the land development business. The landowner is adamantly opposed to involving lawyers or any other entities that would reduce his potential payday and agrees to hire them to proceed with their plans. The couple’s real goal is to con six figures out of him in wire transfers for work they say they’ll have done.

Their luck changes when the landowner suspects they are not who they say they are and their Philadelphia past catches up with them.