New from Down & Out Books: Yesterday Rising by Stephen Burdick

New from Down & Out Books …

Yesterday Rising by Stephen Burdick

YESTERDAY RISING by Stephen Burdick
The Gray Detective Series, 2nd in series
Publication Date: February 27, 2023

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Synopsis … Two close calls with death and the lingering guilt he harbors over the injury to Detective David Sizemore compounds Joe Hampton’s ongoing attempt to come to terms with the passing of his wife. Persuaded to assume the role of consultant to the homicide division soon has him and Detective Carly Truffant on the trail of a serial killer who mutilates his victims. Uncovering the identity of the killer proves as difficult as understanding why rookie Detective Dani Mc Masters resents him being a part of the team. An unexpected turn of events finds Joe and McMasters trapped and fighting for their lives.

Then, his dream of a peaceful getaway is shattered when he finds himself in the middle of an investigation during his visit to a small community on the coast of southwest Florida. The help of a stranger before joining forces with the lead detective doesn’t keep him from the prospect of winding up in a watery grave.

Upon his return home, Joe helps Detective Truffant trace the origin of human bones uncovered on a local beach. As they dig deeper, they come to realize that the skeleton may have a connection to the disappearance of an aunt that Truffant never knew.


“An authentic police voice. It’s like going on a ride-along.” —Colin Campbell, author of the Jim Grant Thrillers

“For fans of TV crime shows, Stephen Burdick’s Yesterday Rising is one part Bones, one part Cold Case Files, and one part Criminal Minds.” —Tim O’Mara, author of the Raymond Donne series

“With Yesterday Rising, Stephen Burdick delivers a riveting read full of colorful characters. Homicide detective Joe Hampton‘s retirement to Crimson Conch Condominiums has not gone according to plan. The old detective can’t resist the pull of being back on the job. And it turns out that sunny Clearwater Beach can be nearly as gritty as the streets of Philadelphia where he once worked.” —Joel W. Barrows, author of the Deep Cover thriller series

Yesterday Rising, Stephen Burdick’s second set of three novellas featuring retired homicide detective Joe Hampton, is an engaging blend of murder, beautiful Florida settings, well-drawn characters, and challenging whodunits.” —Debra H. Goldstein, author of the Sarah Blair mystery series