New from Down & Out Books: 27 Days by Patrick H. Moore

New from Down & Out Books …

27 Days by Patrick H. Moore

27 DAYS by Patrick H. Moore
A Nick Crane Thriller, 2nd in series
Publication Date: February 06, 2023

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Synopsis … 27 Days is a taut and topical political thriller narrated in laconic noir fashion by veteran LA PI Nick Crane. In the spring of 2019, Nick is on the run in the Pacific Northwest, pursued by a cabal of wealthy right-wing power brokers and domestic terrorists (the Principals) led by Marguerite Ferguson and Desmond Cole. Nick has clashed with Marguerite and her crew in the past, and she wants him abducted so that she can personally “close his eyes forever.”

Things get worse. Nick’s close friend and business partner Bobby Moore is kidnapped by Marguerite and the Principals. Nick is then informed that he has twenty-seven days to surrender to Marguerite. If he does not turn himself in, Bobby will be sent to Scorpion prison in Egypt to be tortured and murdered. If Nick surrenders, however, Bobby will be released.

Help appears in the form of a young, idealistic female FBI agent named Carrie North who wants to arrest Marguerite for conspiring to commit domestic terrorist operations against the United States. Nick and Carrie join forces and the race against time to rescue Bobby Moore begins.

And what a race it is! Marguerite and company are the toughest foes Nick has ever faced and he must dig down deeper than ever before to have any chance of surviving.

Praise for 27 DAYS:

“Moore skillfully delivers in the rat-a-tat, take-no-prisoner style of Spillane and Hammett, daring you to turn the page and see what happens next.” —Charles Salzberg, Two-Time Shamus Award nominee for Swann’s Last Song and Second Story Man

“Patrick H. Moore has crafted a gripping neo-noir thriller. The characters ignite your curiosity, and the story compels you to keep turning the pages. PI Nick Crane, hard on the outside, compassionate within, is truly a justice warrior and is brilliantly suited for these uncertain times. Can’t wait to see this as a TV series or movie. Haven’t enjoyed a detective novel this much in a long, long time.” —Max Myers, Award winning author of Boysie Blake: Problem Solver

“Patrick H. Moore delivers a dark masterpiece here, a brawling, gunfire symphony dripping with ominous overtones. A contemporary western, a compelling and intricate mystery, a social allegory of the oldest sins of humankind—this book has it all. Take note: Patrick H. Moore has entered the big leagues.” —John Nardizzi, Shamus Award finalist for The Burden of Innocence

“Patrick H. Moore has done it again with 27 Days, his latest offering in the explosively entertaining Nick Crane series. This time Moore’s complicated tough-guy PI Crane finds himself in the crosshairs of a domestic terrorist organization whose motto is Make America Safe Again. What follows is a blisteringly taut page turner with loads of engaging attitude plus blind side twists that Moore delivers with the authority of a pro investigator.” —Michael D. Sellers, Award Winning Director of Eye of the Dolphin

“Readers looking for unrelenting suspense and fascinating well-developed characters will find it all here, as the bodies pile up and the action cascades in unanticipated twists that will keep you riveted until the final page.” —John Brown, Los Angeles Private Investigator

“This red-hot page turner careens through the underworld of a divided America, sparing no one as Nick Crane races the clock against domestic terrorists. Wall to wall heart-pounding action, riveting dialogue, and a dark vision of our country, you’ll be left breathless when you finish.” —Kirk Sanders, Silicon Valley Technologist