New from Down & Out Books: Fortune’s Favor by Thomas Locke and Jyoti Guptara

New from Down & Out Books …

Fortune's Favor by Thomas Locke and Jyoti Guptara

FORTUNE’S FAVOR by Thomas Locke and Jyoti Guptara
Publication Date: November 07, 2022

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Synopsis … A tragic past…

Consummate adventurer Jeremy Spade arranges ‘life-changing trips’ in the deserts, mountains and jungles of Asia. His firm lets the world’s richest experience the world’s wildest parts, all from the comfort of an air-conditioned tent with a Michelin-class chef on call. After growing up in the US foster care system, Jeremy is fascinated and repelled by the billionaires. So he never suspects his own life will be changed by one of them.

Jeremy is under no illusions that heiress Shara Herale will spare him a second look—until their helicopter is shot down, forever changing their fate. Shara was betrothed in her teens to seal the bond between two of India’s most powerful clans. Despite loving Jeremy, she feels honor-bound to go through with her parent’s final wish. Jeremy returns to the US with a broken heart, incredible wealth, and a dark secret that ensures he can never enjoy it.

Now, almost five years since they last spoke, Shara is married to another man. And yet, when she contacts him, Jeremy doesn’t think twice about putting his life on the line.

Hides a mystery…

When disgraced hacker-turned-analyst Crystal Dumont is hired by one of India’s richest men, she thinks her fortune is changing. Only her new employer’s particular interest looks increasingly likely to get her killed.

The target of Crystal’s research is Vihan Desai, head of another clan, one that threatens her employer’s interests. Determined not to let his little brother leave the crooked family business, Vihan has followed him from Delhi to Jacksonville. When Vihan is done transforming their legitimate business into the center of a criminal empire, he intends to murder his brother, his brother’s wife Shara, and their infant daughter. But is there more to this family feud than organized crime?

That threatens nations…

Why has the White House taken a personal interest in the Desai family? And can Crystal trust the shadowy young man trying to help them? If any of them are to survive, Crystal and Jeremy will have to face the dark secret he and Shara hoped to leave in the Thar desert—a mystery that has kept India’s elite in power for generations.

Defying an ancient cabal might just be the shot at romance and redemption they have both been waiting for. But they soon learn that when ancient Asian secrets are involved, they are usually blood-stained.

Praise for Fortune’s Favor:

Fortune’s Favor is one of those rare thrillers that slaps you upside the head with its originality and pace. It introduced me to a world of business intrigue and violence that I had no idea existed. These two authors are seasoned pros and write like confident mystery veterans. A must-read book that will take you away.” —Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today bestselling Thriller and Shamus Award-winning author of the Dick Moonlight PI Series and The Remains

“Thomas Locke and Jyoti Guptara’s intricate, fast-paced international thriller, set in the rarified, dazzling circle of the super-rich, consistently delivers the thrills and chills inherent in the high stakes, cut-throat world of high-finance in which murder is simply another business option.” —Charles Salzberg, author of the Henry Swann PI series