New from Down & Out Books: Two Black Bean and Shrimp Quesadillas and a Pink Ruger LCP by Joseph S. Walker

New from Down & Out Books …

Two Black Bean and Shrimp Quesadillas and a Pink Ruger LCP by Joseph S. Walker

Guns + Tacos, Season Four Episode 20
Publication Date: August 01, 2022

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Synopsis … Alvin Bleeker has a ratty apartment, a rusted-out car, and a dead-end job, managing a big-box store barely clinging to life. He also has a compulsive gambling habit that’s put him tens of thousands of dollars in the hole to Lamar, the bookie and loan shark rarely seen without his brutal enforcer, Jimmy. Alvin can’t bring himself to worry too much about his debts, though. He’s just marking time, waiting for his rich Aunt Elaine to kick off and leave her only living relative with a fortune that will end all his problems forever.

Unfortunately, Aunt Elaine has other plans, leaving Alvin out of her will almost entirely. Even worse, Lamar knows it. He extorts Alvin into Plan B: stealing a priceless Picasso sketch from Aunt Elaine’s North Shore mansion. Naturally, Jimmy will come along for the ride. So will Brittany Orozco, who has the face of a cheerleader, the heart of a killer, and the sharpened icepick of a sociopath. Behind Brittany is Lamar’s boss, the shadowy mob chieftain who doesn’t care how many bodies have to drop if he can add the sketch to his collection.

Alvin is in way over his head, but it should be a simple enough job, in and out in ten minutes. He’s just playing it safe when he goes to the taco truck to buy some insurance, in the form of the first gun he’s ever owned—a gun which, to his dismay, turns out to be pink. He’s betting he won’t really need it.

It’s one more bet he’s going to lose.