New from Down & Out Books: The Low White Plain by Paul J. Garth

New from Down & Out Books …

The Low White Plain by Paul J. Garth

A Grifter’s Song Episode 27
Publication Date: June 01, 2022

Available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format

Synopsis … Terrified and on the run after a disastrous con in Dallas, grifters Sam and Rachel find themselves trapped by a blizzard in Nebraska. Low on cash and nerve, they find a local job that seems easy enough: orchestrate the fake kidnapping of a down-and-out academic, then split the ransom with the “victim.”

But underneath all that open space, malice and hate breed quickly. Sam and Rachel soon discover everyone is lying, and that this simple job is a lot more complicated—and dangerous—than either of them expected.

Trapped by circumstance and need, the grifters find themselves hunted by occultist Neo-Nazis, extravagantly armed private security, a crazed art dealer with cartel connections, and some of the most powerful institutions in the state, all while another blizzard bears down.

Caught between family, faith, money, drugs and power, Sam and Rachel can only rely on their skills, and each other, or see their own blood spread atop the constantly falling snow.

Praise for The Low White Plain:

“Set against the bleakest snowstorm this side of the Apocalypse, The Low White Plain bubbles with white-hot energy and tension that threatens to slit a throat with every turned page. Come for the neo-Nazis, religious fanatics, and gun nuts, but stay for Paul J. Garth’s masterful exploration of two desperate criminals on the run. This is what they’re talking about when they talk about ‘noir,’ and Garth knows its pulsing heartbeat—even as characters bleed out across the barren landscape.” —James D.F. Hannah, Shamus Award-winning author of Behind the Wall of Sleep and She Talks to Angels

“With The Low White Plain, Paul J. Garth has crafted a lean, mean, bloody machine. It zips as fast as a bullet on a winter’s day and delivers all the satisfactions of a con gone wrong.” —Nick Kolakowski, author of Love & Bullets and Payback Is Forever

“In The Low White Plain, Paul J. Garth delivers breakneck action and a taut, razor-sharp plot that pits a couple of savvy con artists against a vicious Nazi cult, murderous hired guns and an old mark out to collect a blood debt. Another excellent addition to the Grifter’s Song saga.” —Dennis Tafoya, author of Dope Thief