New from Down & Out Books: Ghost Image by Kat Richardson

New from Down & Out Books …

Ghost Image by Kat Richardson

GHOST IMAGE by Kat Richardson
A Grifter’s Song Episode 26
Publication Date: May 01, 2022

Available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format

Synopsis … In an eerie lodge in the Pacific Northwest, Rachel poses as a medium with Sam as her technician, as the pair target the wealthy Axel Strauss. Strauss has some deep secrets of his own that are dangerously close to spilling over and the “supernatural” events that Rachel and Sam must manage for him only heightens the tension. Old and new betrayals, longstanding alliances, and unspoken agendas all come to a head as the snow flies, trapping everyone at the lodge.

Can Rachel and Sam manage to con an angry skeptic and escape with the money? Or will their efforts fall short, adding their ghosts to the ones supposedly haunting this ancient location?

From paranormal suspense author Kat Richardson comes a tale fraught with tension, atmosphere, and enough wealth and secrets to motivate even a pair of hardened grifters.