New from Down & Out Books: Concrete and Cocaine by Vincent Zandri

New from Down & Out Books …

Concrete and Cocaine by Vincent Zandri

A Grifter’s Song Episode 25
Publication Date: April 01, 2022

Available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format

Synopsis … When Sam visits an Albany area gin mill and overhears two big Russian twins spouting off about their cash cow concrete business along with their desire to make a pulp fiction flick just like the great Tarantino, he can’t help but smell a grift. When the sexy young female bartender informs him what the twins are really up to in the basement of their concrete plant—cooking meth and cocaine, and making a ton of cash in the process—Sam knows he can’t pass up the opportunity.

With Rachael by his side acting as his “co-producer,” Sam transforms himself into Francis Strazzella, famed Italian-born movie producer who wants to make the twins’ movie and perhaps even persuade the mighty Tarantino to direct it. This ruse provides the perfect cover Sam and Rachael need for infiltrating the concrete plant and getting their hands on the stacks of cash that are no doubt to be found there.

Only, no Tarantino movie ever goes the way you think, even if it is a cheap knock-off version…