New from Down & Out Books: Diamond Dogs by Gabriel Valjan

New from Down & Out Books …

Diamond Dogs by Gabriel Valjan

DIAMOND DOGS by Gabriel Valjan
A Grifter’s Song Episode 23
Publication Date: February 01, 2022

Available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format

Synopsis … Newark, New Jersey is nobody’s idea of a vacation. When an unexpected Nor’easter crushes their holiday getaway and leaves Sam and Rachel stranded at the airport, they befriend a mysterious, sophisticated stranger. They quickly recognize him as one of their own, a veteran grifter who poses no threat. When he extends them the hospitality of his hotel suite, they quickly decide it’s a much better option than sleeping at the airport. But there’s a catch.

There’s always a catch.

Their new friend is a Diamond Dog and he wastes no time asking if they’ll run with him.