New from All Due Respect: Stalker Stalked by Lee Matthew Goldberg

New from All Due Respect …

Stalker Stalked by Lee Matthew Goldberg

STALKER STALKED by Lee Matthew Goldberg
Publication Date: September 17, 2021

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Synopsis … Lexi Mazur is a depressed, alcoholic, pill-popper whose only joy has become her reality TV shows, often fantasizing that the people on TV are a part of her world. After her boyfriend Steve leaves her, she fixates on the show Socialites and its star Magnolia Artois, following every facet of the girl’s life on social media in the hopes of befriending and becoming more like her.

But stalking isn’t new to Lexi. She ultimately won over her ex Steve by following and manipulating every minute detail about him so he’d fall for her. In fact, she landed her other ex-boyfriend Jeremy in the same way. Being a pharma rep, she’s used to manipulation to get doctors to buy her drugs, along with the perk of saving pills for herself.

But what happens when the stalker gets stalked?

Recently, Lexi has felt someone watching her: in her apartment in Queens, at her job. At first, she thinks her mind’s playing tricks, but the watcher is behaving just like she would. And soon they begin leaving threatening clues like she starts to do to Magnolia once her obsession grows more dangerous. Is it one of her exes out for revenge? Her only real friend from childhood who she’s always had an unhealthy rivalry? A detective who may have figured her out? The reality star Magnolia trying to turn the tables? Or even someone she might not know?

Lexi learns the only way to beat her stalker is to use her own stalking prowess to outsmart them at their own game. But has she finally met her match?


“An unputdownable read, complex and powerful. Goldberg’s razor-sharp writing masterfully captures the protagonist’s evaporating grip on reality.” —Martin Bodenham, author of Watch for Me, Crime and Justice, and The Geneva Connection

“The tables are turned in dramatic fashion when a pill popping, reality-television-addicted stalker suddenly finds herself the one being stalked. From page one, I was drawn into Lexi’s dark, suspenseful world. Taking readers on an emotional and thrilling journey, Stalker Stalked is a riveting, unique concept that will keep you turning the pages all night long.” —Nicole Mabry, Author of Past This Point

“This mesmerizing thriller from Lee Matthew Goldberg stuck me in the protagonist’s obsessive mind to the point that, toward the end, I found myself doubting the motives of my friends. Not that this will happen to other readers. It’s probably all in my mind. Probably.” —Rob Pierce, author of the Uncle Dust trilogy

“A rare find. As entertaining as it is subversive, Lee Matthew Goldberg’s razorblade prose and scathing wit lend an easy comparison to Bret Easton Ellis and Jay McInerney and with Stalker Stalked—a devilishly acerbic tale of a pill-popping, reality TV superfan in delirious freefall—he has not only created a work of fiction as vital to our right here and right now as American Psycho and Bright Lights, Big City were to theirs, he’s issued a bold challenge to an entire generation of novelists: Catch me if you can!” —John Jantunen, author of Savage Gerry and No Quarter

“You know it’s a good thriller when you have to make sure no one is in your closet, and that your door is locked! This is an exciting and fascinating read.” —The Black List

“Goldberg turns the conventional stalker thriller on its head with a tale that is fresh, suspenseful and hugely entertaining. Lexi Mazur is every bit as awkward, relatable and dysfunctional as Bridget Jones. A tautly-written plot and smart characterization will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last paragraph.” —