New from Down & Out Books: Watch for Me by Martin Bodenham

New from Down & Out Books …

Watch for Me by Martin Bodenham

WATCH FOR ME by Martin Bodenham
Publication Date: August 16, 2021

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Synopsis … Tom Harper, a Vancouver Island realtor, has the client from hell, Ali Page, a beautiful and intelligent young lawyer returning from the mainland to take up a job with an island law firm. Trouble is there’s always something wrong with the properties Tom shows her, always a reason not to commit. Finally, after they find a condo she likes, he receives a text thanking him for his help. Ali signs off: I’m sad we won’t get to spend more time together. Often cold and withdrawn throughout their weeks of searching, Ali’s words seem strangely out of character.

The texts keep coming, increasingly incoherent and disturbing. What does Ali mean by: we have a special connection, and why on earth would she say: I’ll be here for you when you leave your wife? Happily married, Tom cannot understand why a woman not much older than his teenage daughter is suddenly obsessed with him. When he rejects Ali’s unsolicited advances, Tom soon discovers the sinister depths to which a delusional mind will sink to obtain what it wants. Isolated and seemingly abandoned by the police and legal system, this is the story of one man’s struggle to rescue his marriage, his family, and his sanity in the face of overwhelming psychological and physical torment.

Praise for WATCH FOR ME:

“Deliciously creepy with a twist you won’t see coming!” —Helen Hardt, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“I read spellbound as Tom Harper’s life is demolished brick by brick. Assured, remorseless writing, that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. Highly recommended.” —Michael Ridpath, author of The Diplomat’s Wife

“I absolutely loved this book. One of the best I’ve read in ages—gripping, thrilling and pretty scary!” —Alex Pine, author of The Christmas Killer

“This is an outstanding novel that got its hooks in me from the first page. I love the laser-focused storytelling—the terror of Ali Page is evident in every line. It’s like a clinic on how to write a thriller, every beat of the plot is perfectly placed.” —Chris Rhatigan, publisher of All Due Respect Books

“Compelling reading…Psychologically gripping…Haunting storytelling. Young, attractive—and mentally unhinged—Ali Page is some men’s dream girl, but one man’s worst nightmare. Watch for Me will have you flipping the pages until the cathartic surprise ending.” —Bryan Quinn, author of The Package and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

“Riveting, from the beginning to the end. Once again, Bodenham catches you by surprise with his twists. Capturing the essence of the Pacific Northwest, Watch for Me is a must read.” —Tracie Ingersoll Loy, author of the Hartz Island Mysteries

“When Tom helps young Ali Page to find a new home, he knows that something isn’t right. When she begins to obsessively text him, his world falls apart. As we enter the dark mind of a fantasist living amidst the claustrophobic confines of an island, we plunge into a disturbing world with no way out. This is an unsettling tale of one woman’s illusions that leave devastating consequences in their wake.” —Jackie Bateman, author of Straight Circles

“Martin Bodenham’s Watch for Me gives us a stalker villain for the ages with Ali in this fast-paced, tightly-written thriller that calls to mind Fatal Attraction, except Ali will do more than boil your bunny; she’s out for blood and ultimate destruction!” —Lee Matthew Goldberg, bestselling author of The Mentor, The Ancestor and the upcoming Stalker Stalked