New from Down & Out Books: Open Up Your Heart by Carmen Jaramillo

New from Down & Out Books …

Open Up Your Heart by Carmen Jaramillo

OPEN UP YOUR HEART by Carmen Jaramillo
A Grifter’s Song, Season Three Episode 17
Publication Date: May 01, 2021

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Synopsis … Genevieve Davidson is a budding con artist. She’s a mostly-broke server at a roadside restaurant just over the Wisconsin border, but the young and wealthy of Chicago know her as Kendra, a carefree and world-traveling trust fund baby. In a rush to impress a friend—and pick up some extra cash to pay down her own debt—she let Sam and Rachel con her into a deal.

But, “Kendra’s” friend is a younger cousin of Little Vincent. In return for her silence, Genevieve demands Sam and Rachel return the stolen cash, and asks for their help on a job. A local entrepreneur is willing to bribe an alderman for a lucrative plot of land tainted by a scandal-plagued murder investigation.

With insider details from Genevieve’s old friend Marina—an assistant to the alderman who knows nothing of Genevieve’s double life—Sam and Rachel must slide into the deal themselves.