New from Down & Out Books: EconoClash Review #7 edited by J.D. Graves

New from Down & Out Books …

EconoClash Review #7 edited by J.D. Graves

ECONOCLASH REVIEW #7 edited by J.D. Graves
Publication Date: April 16, 2021

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Synopsis … Lucky Number Seven of EconoClash Review presents nine quality cheap thrills of neo-pulp lunacy that will push the envelope of genre limitations. Themes of hard luck and ill fate weave throughout this fresh anthology featuring: time slipping lovers, day-drunk step-dads, fantastically stoned fairies, brawny tavern heroes, haunted beauty queens, underestimated female lawmen, blown-cover spies, smack fiend postmen, and even honest to God cowboys. All of them fighting to survive worlds they unwittingly created themselves.

Whether you find top notch schadenfreude to be your guilty pleasure or anonymous up-vote, the seventh issue of ECR is your lucky ticket to a world of quality cheap thrills. Read original stories by Simon Broder, J. Travis Grundon, Angelique Fawns, Matthew X. Gomez, Willow Croft, Russell W. Johnson, Scott Forbes Crawford, Kevin M. Folliard, and Mack Moyer only in EconoClash Review #7 from Down & Out Books.