New from Down & Out Books: It’s Ugly Because It’s Personal by Ryan Sayles

New from Down & Out Books …

It's Ugly Because It's Personal by Ryan Sayles

Publication Date: March 15, 2021

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Synopsis … In the city of Carcasa, gunshots devastate the night as a patrol officer makes a traffic stop. The occupants—three dealers caught in the act of muling—set into motion a course of actions that can only end badly. Now, one is dead, another fleeing on foot and the third tearing through neighborhoods in a bumper car-style chase. Furious, grief-stricken officers on their heels with their brother fighting for his life on the side of a road.

The shooter escapes, and the PD begins their hunt to find the shooter before he lucks out, fades into memory. With what information they have, they dig; the dirt that is the shooter’s life getting thrown over their shoulders by the shovel-full. Family, friends, employment, any avenue of refuge for him begins to burn. Things get complicated along the way. The kind of complicated that goes into a body bag. The art of flushing out the enemy is a sacred practice, best done with smoldering rage.

But, after a man has nowhere to hide, having him out in the open might be worse.


It’s Ugly Because It’s Personal is a book unlike any other I’ve read and more than what it first appears to be. All told, it’s Ryan Sayles putting it out there and showcasing a side of the life most of us rarely see. More than an important story, it’s a grand design, and a book I believe the world needs to read.” —Beau Johnson, author of All of Them to Burn

“In his no-holds-barred style, Sayles is gritty and real…like a punch to the head. Life as it is in the hard, dark places where cops work. This is a timely tale that will make you think, and maybe even make you thankful.” —Joel W. Barrows, author of the Deep Cover Thrillers

“Tough as nails. Real as hell.” —Colin Campbell, author of the Jim Grant Thrillers

“This story erupts in gunfire on page one and spends the rest of the book dragging us through the tension and profound pain that results from those first pages. While adhering to the procedural, Sayles still manages to make this tale sing with tension.” —Frank Zafiro, author of the SpoCompton novels