New from Down & Out Books: State of Shock by M. Todd Henderson

New from Down & Out Books …

State of Shock by M. Todd Henderson

STATE OF SHOCK by M. Todd Henderson
A Royce Johnson Legal Thriller, 2nd in series
Publication Date: February 01, 2021

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Synopsis … When Jante Turner is murdered just days before she takes the mantle as new dean of Rockefeller University Law School in Chicago, Royce Johnson is approached to help solve the murder. But Johnson doesn’t even have an investigator’s license, much less his old job with the FBI. In fact, he’s just been released from prison after serving a year-long sentence for his rogue investigation that led to the impeachment of a Supreme Court justice. Hero to some, a criminal to others, Johnson is hired by the new dean of Rockefeller Law to help clear his name from rumors swirling around the former dean’s unsolved murder.

Soon, Johnson finds himself at the intersection of higher education, Chicago politics, big money, and murder. As he chases down leads across campus and the South Side, the disappearance of an environmental lawyer at the University takes the investigation in a surprising direction. Johnson traces a river of corruption running from deep-pocket donors of the University to North Side developers and a South Side alderman who is heir to the throne in City Hall. In his desperation, he turns to the one lawyer who can help him—the former Rockefeller student whom Johnson mistakenly framed for murder on his last case. Marcus Jones now practices law, and although the relationship is strained for good reason, they team up to catch Jante’s killer.

Wounded and on the run—but able to connect dots that track from a toxic dump to environmental law to the pinnacle of the University—Johnson circles back to his client, the acting dean of Rockefeller Law, and explodes the man’s world by revealing the murderer.

Praise for STATE OF SHOCK:

“Why do bad things keep happening at the nation’s 3rd ranked law school? You don’t have to be a lawyer from Chicago to enjoy this gripping story, but it doesn’t hurt. Also you don’t have to have read the predecessor novel to enjoy this sequel. It sails along nicely before suddenly really hitting you between the eyes. Then it’s a race to the dramatic finish line! I now eagerly await the next in the series.” —Randy E. Barnett, Patrick Hotung Professor of Constitutional Law, Georgetown Law