New from Down & Out Books: Madness of the Q by Gray Basnight

New from Down & Out Books …

Madness of the Q by Gray Basnight

MADNESS OF THE Q by Gray Basnight
A Sam Teagarden Thriller, 2nd in series
Publication Date: December 14, 2020

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Synopsis … Six years after his Flight of the Fox ordeal that dubbed him the American Prometheus, humble math professor Sam Teagarden becomes embroiled in another mission involving decoding a secret document provoking tragic reactions around the world. Unearthed in northern Israel, the ancient parchment is called the Q Document, for the German word quelle, meaning: source. Biblical scholars believe it may be the original source for the two Gospels: Matthew and Luke. If decoded, it could shed light on the creation of the world’s most widely observed religious faith.

This time, instead of trying to kill him, the FBI formally taps Teagarden to assist—and help stop—a contagion of mass suicides among religious zealots. Each cult group is motivated by fear of what may, or may not, be revealed if the document is decoded and published. His mission is supposed to last two days on foreign soil. When the plan goes awry, Teagarden is forced to work alone, without the promised protection from the FBI and CIA.

The journey takes him from New York to Israel, across the Mediterranean Sea to Rome, and finally Berlin. As he tries to decipher the two-thousand-year-old enigmatic parchment, he must outsmart two fanatical and equally dangerous groups: one entrenched in religious faith, the other rooted in fervent atheism. He learns that one group wants him dead, while the other wants him alive—until their goals reverse midstream.

Will he become another casualty caught up in the controversy caused by fear of the Q Document? Or, if he survives the gauntlet of extreme violence, will he be blamed for conveying news to the world that millions will not want to hear?

Praise for MADNESS OF THE Q:

Madness of the Q is a wild and breathless pursuit with Sam Teagarden on the run, desperate to connect with the right people and evade the wrong ones from New York to Israel to Italy to Germany in a non-stop plot that reminds us of Dan Brown, Ludlum, Fleming, and maybe even a bit of Umberto Eco.” —Thomas Perry, author of The Butcher’s Boy, The Burglar, and A Small Town

“This would make for an exciting movie in the Dan Brown genre. It’s a thrilling story that you’ll be glued to from start to finish!” —Brenda Repland, Eyes on World Cultures