New from Down & Out Books: The Song in the Squall by Nathan Singer

New from Down & Out Books …

The Song in the Squall by Nathan Singer

Publication Date: November 02, 2020

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Synopsis … Dya is a girl from the deepest end of the ocean. Though likely nearing one hundred years old, she nonetheless looks to be—and for all intents and purposes is—a sixteen-year-old girl.

Once, while very young, Dya ventured too close to land and found herself on a pebble beach off the coast of Maine where she came face to face with another young girl named Mary Louise. Though from completely different worlds, Dya and Mary Louise became very close (and secret) friends. Dya returned often over the years to visit Mary Louise, each time spending more and more time on land, and wanting less and less to return to her home in the deep. However, it was starting to become clear to Dya that she could not keep splitting her time between the two worlds, as it was literally, physically, tearing her apart. Soon she would have to decide—will she give up the sea once and for all and live out the reminder of her now shortened life in a world in which she’ll never truly belong…or will she remain in the deep and pine forever for the life she truly wanted?

Back home beneath the sea, Dya is torn about what to do. For as much as she loves and misses her friend on land, and has fallen madly in love with the land itself, she’s afraid to leave the ocean world. This is not only because it is all she has ever known, but because her people are feral and aggressive folk by nature (particularly the men), besides being ferociously secretive and isolationist. They will not take kindly to having one of their own abandon the deep for the land, and there may very well be brutal and devastating consequences. The world of her people is an ancient culture, largely unchanged for thousands of years. And like any young immigrant caught between the modern world and that of her people, she fears what could happen if these very different worlds were to collide.

Finally she decides to make the commitment once and for all, come what may. And with that, she makes the journey upward, and casts her fate to the whims of the coastal winds…


The Song in the Squall is a unique and musically-charged tale of wanderlust, growing pains, and bonds that run deeper than the sea.” —Jessica McHugh, author of Rabbits in the Garden and the Darla Decker Series

“Great young adult literature often explores the power of friendship. Add a component of magic, and the quest to find out what is really important in life, and you have the basic elements of a great story. Add a sharp, focused writing style and you have Nathan Singer’s The Song in the Squall. Original and compelling—do not miss it!” —Carolyn Haines, USA Today bestselling author of the Sarah Booth Delaney and Pluto’s Snitch mystery series.

“Nathan Singer’s The Song in the Squall is a glorious book, redolent with the taste of the salt sea and the sharp odor of an approaching thunderstorm. Dya is a young girl making the difficult transition from the depths of the sea to the land, finding friendship as well as conflict along the way. Dya, Molly, Malik, Mary Louise, and the other characters are drawn with emotion and an unflinching honesty that grips the reader’s heart and refuses to release it until the final, bittersweet conclusion. Open this book and follow the shimmering footsteps in the sands. You won’t regret the journey!” —Stephen Leigh, author of Crow of Connemara and A Fading Sun