New from Down & Out Books: Permission Granted by Colin Campbell

New from Down & Out Books …

Permission Granted by Colin Campbell

Grant and McNulty Stories
Publication Date: September 07, 2020

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Synopsis … Before Jim Grant became The Resurrection Man he was just a Yorkshire cop with a short fuse…

Yorkshire, Los Angeles, Boston, Texas, Mexico and much more.

Helping an old lady get her stolen glasses back and dangling the thief over a cliff is just the start of a tarnished career and these stories fill in some of the gaps between his more widely published adventures. From the “Heavy Petting Chasing Tail Zen Dog Pet Boutique” to a bar at “Boquillas Crossing,” Grant just can’t let injustice go unpunished.

But he’s not the only Yorkshireman in America. These stories also introduce Vince McNulty, a Yorkshire ex-cop now working for a tinpot movie company in Boston. It would be a strange coincidence if these two men didn’t know each other. Cops don’t believe in coincidence. Neither should you.