New from Down & Out Books: EconoClash Review #6 edited by J.D. Graves

New from Down & Out Books …

EconoClash Review #6 edited by J.D. Graves

ECONOCLASH REVIEW #6 edited by J.D. Graves
Publication Date: July 24, 2020

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Synopsis … EconoClash Review #6 is better than UV or bleach for curing those COVID blues, and just as despicable. Inside these pages monsters roam free. Some hide their oozing flesh and bloody claws inside skins draped with respectable clothes, firm haircuts, and bedroom teeth. Behold businessmen with carnival barker style and a gambler’s desperation. Ride along in a bus filled with debauchery and regret. Search online paramours catfishing through dangerous mud. Sight in on the true costs of assassinations. Unleash unspeakable unknown under-dwellers. Discover buried treasure in the darkest depths of creation. Listen for the fluting call of spectral friends. Panic at the mention of No-Good Bartlett’s. Float down a river of No Return. Oh, and there’s also a time-traveling Jesus.

These nine quality cheap thrills of the dankest macabre and criminally petty, are guaranteed to delight your senses, tickle your outrage, and engorge your brain with blood. Read original stories by Daniel Marcus, Preston Lang, Serena Jayne, John Kojak, Daniel Jacob Uitvlugt, Robb T. White, Paul McCabe, J.D. Graves, and Chris Fortunato only in EconoClash Review #6 from Down & Out Books.