A New Season of Guns + Tacos Starts Today!

Guns + Tacos Season 2

Following a highly successful first season, Guns + Tacos Season Two premieres today with Burritos & Bullets by Eric Beetner!

Guns + Tacos Season Two, created and edited by Michael Bracken and Trey R. Barker, consists of six episodes published monthly through the end of this year.

Two subscription options are available:

Six digital copies of all episodes plus two trade paperback books (Episodes 7-9 and Episodes 10-12) sent at the end of the season; OR

Six digital copies of all episodes.

The digital copies will be delivered to subscribers approximately one week before the episode publication date.

Both options include a discount over the list price of the titles if purchased separately and both include a FREE subscriber-exclusive short story following Episode 12.

Season Two Episodes:

Episode 7: Burritos & Bullets by Eric Beetner;
Episode 8: Jalapeno Poppers and a Flare Gun by Michael Bracken & Trey R. Barker;
Episode 9: Four Shrimp Tacos and a Walther P38 by Alec Cizak;
Episode 10: A Taco, a T-Bird, A Beretta and One Furious Night by Ann Aptaker;
Episode 11: Sopa and a Streetsweeper by Ryan Sayles;
Episode 12: Dos Tacos Guatemaltecos y Una Pistola Casera by Mark Troy.

Exclusive Bonus Episode for Subscribers: Of a Gun and Tacos Envenados by Trey R. Barker.

Please join us for a season of crime and mayhem in Chicago by subscribing to Guns + Tacos Season Two!