New from Down & Out Books: EconoClash Review #5 edited by J.D. Graves

New from Down & Out Books …

EconoClash Review #5 edited by J.D. Graves

ECONOCLASH REVIEW #5 edited by J.D. Graves
Publication Date: January 27, 2020

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Synopsis … The Circus is back in town. The fifth issue of your favorite cheap thrills is over the top and proud of it. We’ve got sci-fi/horror/noir/crime/and humor just a page turn away. Behold stoners hunting UFOs, distracted workers causing nuclear meltdowns, detectives fighting crazy cat ladies, pharmacists surviving dystopian futures, Ukrainian mobsters, no luck assassins, demon conjurers, slime-ballers with dirty mags and a twinkle in their eye, haunted insomniacs, and finally a family’s favorite pet alien and his need to boo-boo.

Edited by J.D. Graves with stories by Die Booth, Aristo Couvaras, Adam S. Furman, R. Daniel Lester, Cameron Mount, David Rachels, Aeryn Rudel, E.F. Sweetman, Cynthia Ward, and J. Manfred Weichsel.

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