New from Down & Out Books: A Beretta, Burritos and Bears by James A. Hearn

New from Down & Out Books …

A Beretta, Burritos and Bears by James A. Hearn

Guns + Tacos Episode 6
Publication Date: December 01, 2019

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Synopsis … Brian Piccolo led an average, by-the-book life, the proverbial American Dream of a middle-class suburbanite. He obeyed the speed limits, paid his taxes on time, and tried his best to live and let live. Then one day, while delivering office supplies to a sketchy neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, he saw the flashing lights of a police cruiser in the rearview mirror. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit and abandoned by the woman he loved, Brian hit rock bottom. In this tale of lust and love, poverty and greed, betrayal and murder, revenge is a dish best served hot—and with extra sour cream—courtesy of a special order at an unusual taco truck.

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