Cover Reveal: Still Life with Suitcase by Scott Eubanks — A Grifter’s Song, Season Two Episode 11

Still Life with Suitcase by Scott Eubanks

Coming in January 2020: A GRIFTER’S SONG — SEASON TWO, a series created and edited by Frank Zafiro. Subscriptions for this season of six episodes are now available to order exclusively through the Down & Out Bookstore. And subscribers will receive an exclusive additional bonus episode at the end of the season!

Publishing on May 1, 2020 is the fifth episode of this season, STILL LIFE WITH SUITCASE by Scott Eubanks.

Using a variation of the fiddle con, Sam and Rachel pass off a fake Rembrandt painting, then manufacture a crisis to exert more pressure on the mark. This time, though, the money is secondary to them, as they try to secure some leverage against the gangsters who have plagued them for years now.

If you’re new to the series, you can catch up with Season One by purchasing a digital subscription to it and have immediate access to episodes 1 through 6 plus the season’s bonus episode; you can find more information, here.