New from Down & Out Books: Losing Streak by Jim Wilsky

New from Down & Out Books …

Losing Streak by Jim Wilsky

A Grifters Song #6
Publication Date: June 01, 2019

The 6th entry in A Grifter’s Song, a 6-episode monthly serial created and edited by Frank Zafiro.

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Synopsis … Sam and Rachel are on the run suffering through a losing streak of failed cons. Low on money, time and ideas they have no choice but to hunker down and regroup.

In a small bar, Sam stumbles onto what he thinks what might be an opportunity. They need a win, any kind of victory to get them back on track.

What follows is a rushed con that has is full of potential pitfalls, a fifty-fifty chance of being successful—at best. They question themselves and if they have the confidence to move forward. They do, with limited resources and relying on what they know, what they do and wounded pride.

In the end they really had no choice because grifting is their life, in good times and in bad.