New from Down & Out Books: The Movie Makers by Gary Phillips

New from Down & Out Books …

The Movie Makers by Gary Phillips

THE MOVIE MAKERS by Gary Phillips
A Grifters Song #4
Publication Date: April 01, 2019

The 4th entry in A Grifter’s Song, a 6-episode monthly serial created and edited by Frank Zafiro.

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Synopsis … Sam and Rachel are working a con in La La Land where the gold is for the asking as long as you can spin a captivating fable. Rachel’s character is an indie producer with Silicone Valley roots and Sam a life coach as they work their magic on the mark.

All is going according to plan until the smiling gangster shows up and suddenly the scenario they created from fairy dust starts to evaporate as things go sideways…and they just might get out by the skin of their teeth.