New from Down & Out Books: Darkest Thoughts by Gordon Brown

New from Down & Out Books …

Darkest Thoughts by Gordon Brown

Publication Date: March 25, 2019

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Synopsis … Craig McIntyre, ex-military turned bodyguard, has a powerful and uncontrollable affliction: his mere presence can transform people’s darkest thoughts into action.

While guarding a high-profile asset in Iraq, McIntyre finds himself at the center of an event that leaves the asset dead. Sent back to America, McIntyre has no idea what happened but others suspect he is responsible. A ruthless US senator, the head of a deep black ops agency, thinks McIntyre has a unique ability that can bring out the very worst in people, sending them into a killing rage. The senator is intent on harnessing this dark talent to further his own ambitions. But when the black op agency kills McIntyre’s wife, Craig’s darkest thoughts turn to bloody revenge. He vows to kill the senator but has to act fast as the agency now have orders to hunt him down and bring him back: dead or alive.


“Grabs you by the throat on page one and never lets go. This is thriller writing at its no nonsense best.” —Douglas Skelton, author of Thunder Bay

“Has movie potential written all over it.” —Daily Record

“This atmospheric and gripping book had me gripped from the start.” —Crime Review

“A fast-paced international thriller built on a stunning premise that builds to a dramatic climax.” —Crime Book Junkie