New from Down & Out Books: The Concrete Smile by Frank Zafiro

New from Down & Out Books …

The Concrete Smile by Frank Zafiro

A Grifters Song #1
Publication Date: January 01, 2019

The first entry in A Grifter’s Song, a 6-episode monthly series created and edited by Frank Zafiro.

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Synopsis … Sam and Rachel are on the grift, on the make, and on the run.

Long time grifters and lovers, the couple is in St. Louis to run a con on Barry Jacobsen, who owns a concrete business. But the clock is ticking on the deal, and on them. Mobsters from Philadelphia are one step behind, seeking revenge for the pair’s most recent scam.

Caught between the dangers of this con being discovered and a mafia hit man finding them before they can wrap it up, Sam and Rachel walk a thin line of balance, striving to walk away with the money and their lives before their past catches up to them.