This Week Only! Four Rob Pierce Crime eBooks for 99¢ Each!

Crime Novels by Rob Pierce

This week only, you can pick up each of the crime ebooks by Rob Pierce and published by All Due Respect for just 99¢ each!

UNCLE DUST, a fascinating noir look inside the mind of a hard, yet very complicated criminal.

WITH THE RIGHT ENEMIES, the bullet-drenched follow-up to Uncle Dust, about a bank robber’s disastrous fling with domestic life.

VERN IN THE HEAT, a dangerous man is going to clear his name, no matter who he has to kill in the process.

• From gun dealers to murders to the simply self-destructive, THE THINGS I LOVE WILL KILL ME YET is filled with stories of men and women whose dreams can never take them out of their realities.

Each title above is linked to its Down & Out Bookstore product page, where you can purchase the books…or buy from your favorite online bookseller with the convenient links also provided on that page.