New from Shotgun Honey: The Last Danger by Rusty Barnes

New from Shotgun Honey …

The Last Danger by Rusty Barnes

THE LAST DANGER by Rusty Barnes
a Killer from the Hills Thriller, 2nd in series
Publication Date: October 26, 2018

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Synopsis … Three months after a shootout with the renegade Pittman family robbed him of his brother, Matt Rider is trying to put his life back together. His wounds are many, his sworn enemy Soldier Pittman may wake up and begin to tell what he knows, his wife is on the knife edge of sanity, and his teen daughter has gone missing with the son of his sworn enemy.

In a whirlwind series of killings, thefts and rash decisions, Rider ends up muling drugs across the Canadian border for the Pittman family in order to save his daughter and wife from an even worse fate, even as he betrays them. Rider must choose between what is best for his conscience and what his sometimes murderous instincts tell him: kill them all.