New from Shotgun Honey, an imprint of Down & Out Books: Face Value by William E. Wallace

New from Shotgun Honey, an imprint of Down & Out Books …

Face Value: An Eddie Pax Novella by William E. Wallace


Publication date: November 10, 2017

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Synopsis … Eddie Pax is a special kind of repo man: he recovers “wet money”—assets that have been stolen from one of the largest criminal syndicates in North America. The job is often grim because when Eddie closes an account, he also kills the thieves.

But when his boss sends him out to recover five million dollars’ worth of bearer bonds two crooks hot-fingered from a vault in New York, Eddie gets a rare opportunity to mix business and pleasure: one of the thieves is a man who shot Pax during a jewelry heist in Southern California a dozen years earlier. Eddie’s recovery will give him a chance to even the score.

Unfortunately, the securities Pax are supposed to recover have been hidden and the bodies of the thieves who stole it are piling up like cordwood. The cops have their eyes on Eddie, as does a woman who is hoping to grab her share of the loot. And the man who shot Pax knows his former partner is on his trail.


“A master at building scenes, characters, layering dialogue and description, and filling in back-story with no interruption to the momentum of the story.” —Greg Barth, author of Selena and Diesel Therapy

“The best of William E. Wallace’s work revolves around the concept of justice…I’m talking the big, broader cosmic sense. Judgment. Reckoning. Down in the filth and garbage of the street, it’s all street justice.” —Joe Clifford, author of December Boys and Lamentation

“It is not easy to combine humor, characterization, and persuasive action but here it’s done well. These stories will make you a Wallace fan.” —Patti Abbott, author of Shot in Detroit and Concrete Angel

“Wallace is quite simply a brilliant writer.” —Will Viharo, author of Love Stories Are Too Violent for Me

“William Wallace is next in line for ‘Best of the Year’ lists.” —Anonymous-9, author of Hard Bite and Bite Harder