New from Down & Out Books: South of Cincinnati by Jonathan Ashley

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South of Cincinnati by Jonathan Ashley

SOUTH OF CINCINNATI by Jonathan Ashley
A Jon Catlett Novel
Publication date: July 10, 2017

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Synopsis … Jon Catlett and Paul Frank have turned their once-failing used bookstore into one of the most thriving businesses in the Highlands. But they paid in blood for their success, for Second Story Books is not just another dusty thrift shop, but a front for the largest heroin distribution network ever based in Louisville.

The two eccentric intellectuals-turned-gun thugs enlist the help of an unscrupulous narcotics cop nicknamed Mad Dog and a former marine importing dope through Fort Knox from Afghanistan purer than anything the city has ever seen. In between trading muzzle flashes with a corrupt and psychotic DEA agent and thwarting two crusading homicide detectives, Catlett and Frank plan to corner the market…or at least everything South of Cincinnati.


“If you only read one book this year, make it South of Cincinnati. Hits all the right notes in a narrative to have you renew your faith in the sheer joy of a great book.” —Ken Bruen, bestselling author of the Jack Taylor series.