New from ABC Group Documentation: Down on the Street by Alec Cizak

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Down on the Street by Alec Cizak


Publication date: June 16, 2017

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Synopsis … What price can you put on a human life?

Cabbie Lester Banks can’t pay his bills. His gorgeous young neighbor, Chelsea, is also one step from the streets. Lester makes a sordid business deal with her. Things turn out worse than he could ever have imagined.


“With Down on the Street, Alec Cizak writes the best dirtbag noir since Jed Ayres’ Peckerwood. There are delights in the darkness and you’ll hate yourself for laughing out loud, but it’s inevitable. Not an easy read for the gender studies set, but who cares what they’re reading anyway? Me, I’ll be re-reading Down on the Street. The dark, tragi-comic tale of Lester Banks bends Travis Bickle across his knees and delivers him a spanking. You won’t want it to end.” —Eryk Pruitt, author of Hashtag and The Jack Off

“In tight prose and with a keen eye, Alec Cizak gives us Down on the Street, a short novel with all the roar and attitude of a rock and roll band. You won’t think of pimps the same way after reading about Lester Banks, and Cizak makes sure you’ll never forget him.” —Rusty Barnes, author of Ridgerunner and Knuckledragger

Down on the Street is a dark story about broken people brimming with bad ideas, but the characters are so compelling that it’s hard to turn away. Once you’re in Cizak’s capable hands, he’ll have you shaking your head in disbelief, gritting your teeth in horror, and begging to root for the good guys—if you could only figure out who they are. Want to take a walk of shame on the wild side? This book’s for you.” —S.W. Lauden, author of Crosswise and Crossed Bones

“Alec Cizak’s Down on the Street reminds me of the darker side of Bukowski. The urban decay and skewed morals and the striving for betterment, for what lies at the end of that smog-dimmed rainbow. Here’s a writer who cares about language, about getting it right, about giving the reader something of worth. The characters are despicable. You wouldn’t want them in the same room with your children. But you’ll care about them. Even identify with their plight. And then you’ll want to reconsider your own morals and the luxuries that allowed you to have them.” —Grant Jerkins, author of A Very Simple Crime and Abnormal Man

“Alec Cizak demonstrates in Down on the Street that he remains among the top fiction writers alive, regardless of genre. This is a crime story, but it’s so much more. Words like sharpened blades cut out the reader’s heart, emotionally and otherwise. I read this novella in a burst. A week later, I’m still absorbing it.” —Rob Pierce, author of Uncle Dust