Enter To Win Tranquility Denied, the 1st Jonathan Brooks Thriller by A.C. Frieden

Tranquility Denied by A.C. Frieden

Down & Out Books invites you to Enter To Win 1 of 20 Kindle ebooks of A.C. Frieden’s first Jonathan Brooks thriller, Tranquility Denied.

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About the book …

Hotshot maritime lawyer Jonathan Brooks may finally be in over his head. He can’t find evidence that his client’s ship was rammed by a U.S. Navy vessel — evidence he needs to win his trial and help his client escape bankruptcy. But after Jonathan’s courtroom tactics expose a Navy captain lying under oath, the case takes a series of shocking turns, dredging up haunting memories of Jonathan’s deceased brother.

He soon realizes that the trial masks a vastly more sinister plot veiled by the shadowy past of the Cold War. To uncover it, he’s forced to risk everything — and everyone — he holds dear. Lives and corporate empires hang in the balance as he embarks on a hunt for the truth, which will lead him through the sultry alleys of New Orleans to remote Scandinavian villages, and deep into Moscow’s dark corridors of power.

Praise for the book …

“An intriguing tale of power, corruption and hidden truths … ” — Dana Kaye, Crimespree Magazine

“Deep and twisted and full of excitement to the very end.” — Heather Froeschl, BookReview.com

“An exciting journey back to the Cold War … ” — Patricia Rosemoor, author of Slater House