Now Available to Pre-Order: The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood by Terrence McCauley

The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood by Terrence McCauley
The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood by Terrence McCauley
A Prequel to Slow Burn
Publication Date: February 2016

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About The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood

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A world at war. A lone Marine fighting to survive.

Charlie Doherty, the hero of PROHIBITION and SLOW BURN returns in a novella of World War I.

1918 — As a corrupt patrolman in New York City, Charlie Doherty had the ward bosses of Tammany Hall and other political cronies to watch his back. But in the hell-storm that became known as the Battle of Belleau Wood, only his rifle and his training keep him alive.

After taking cover behind a fallen tree during the worst of the German shelling, Doherty links up with a brave Marine captain and a ragtag crew of survivors who realize the only way out of danger lies not in retreat, but in marching toward the sound of the gunfire. They fight the enemy wherever they find them, hoping to hold back the advancing German tide long enough for the shaken American forces to regroup and re-enforce them. They lean forward. They dig in. They fight back.

Doherty and the others began the day as Marines. But by the time it is over, they will be part of a battle that helped secure the reputation of the United States Marine Corps as one of the most feared fighting forces in the world.

They will become known as THE DEVIL DOGS OF BELLEAU WOOD.

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