Now Available to Pre-Order: The Lawless Kind by Matt Hilton

The Lawless Kind by Matt Hilton
The Lawless Kind by Matt Hilton
A Joe Hunter Thriller
Publication Date: November 2015

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About The Lawless Kind

Answering the summons of his old Black Ops mentor to assist in bringing to an end a Mexican cartel preying on the people they smuggle over the border, Joe Hunter is happy to oblige. But he should have guessed there was more to Walter Hayes Conrad’s agenda than first believed.

For decades, Walter has kept a secret, even from those closest to him: a family he has protected from his enemies through denial of their existence. But now the secret is about to explode. His great-grandson Benjamin has been abducted, snatched by Jorge Carrillo Molina, head of one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels, and Walter is as desperate to rescue the boy as his mother Kirstie is. There’s only one man Walter trusts to bring the boy home, so how can Hunter refuse?

There is a huge complication — Molina happens to be Benjamin’s father and he won’t give him up without a fight.

Praise for The Lawless Kind

The pace rattles along with the intensity of a disgruntled rattlesnake … A fantastic tale of “derring do” … The prose is Lycra tight and there is more atmosphere than previous novels. The Arizona desert is so well drawn it almost becomes a character itself. —

Sharp and hard hitting … Matt doesn’t allow himself to get complacent, but continually delves deeper into the psyche of Joe … Fast-paced, action-filled and completely addictive, Matt shows his continuing maturity as a writer with an exhilarating ride that still maintains humour and wit. —

A thrill-a-thon book that packs in more action than all three hit Bourne films rolled into one. This is Hilton’s fifth Hunter adventure and he’s motoring so fast he’s coming up on the tail of Lee Child and stellar creation Jack Reacher … It’s a wham, bam, bone-crunching treat! — Alex Gordon, Peterborough Evening Telegraph